Damian Lewis leaves Billions ahead of Season 6 premiere

Damian Lewis is one of the original cast members of Showtime's billions and his departure leaves a gaping hole in the show's cast.

Damian Lewis has been one of the most prominent members of Showtime's hit TV series, Billions. His role as the ruthless hedge-fund manager Bobby Axelrod has earned him a lot of fans all over the world. However, it appears that following the conclusion of his character's confrontation with former US Attorney Chuck Rhoades, who is played by Paul Giamatti, where Axe is forced to flee to Switzerland, Lewis is also going to leave the Showtime series after five full seasons with the show.

Damien Lewis was in all 60 episodes of Billions so far. This is a feat matched only by two other cast members.

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Is the Season 5 finale the last time we will see Lewis' Axelrod?

Corey Stoll's Mike Prince might just be the new morally grey guy that fans will love to cheer for in Season 6.

Before anything else - spoiler alert!

Lewis's character, Bobby Axelrod, has been front and center of Billions pretty much since the TV series premiered back in 2016. However, after locking horns with Chuck Roades for 60 episodes, everything finally came to a head in the long-delayed Season 5 finale as Axelrod had no choice but to strike a bargain with Corey Stoll's Mike Prince and hide out in Switzerland just so that he can avoid prosecution.

Season 5 of Billions was officially the series' longest yet. At least, in terms of how long the delay was in between episodes. After airing in May 2020, the fifth season didn't end until October 3, 2021, well over a full year later. The good news is that Billions was officially renewed for a sixth season just days before Season 5 ended. Unfortunately, Lewis won't be a part of the show as a regular anymore going forward.

Lewis' departure comes following the tragic death of his wife Helen McCrory earlier this year.

With Lewis' departure, the onus is on the rest of the cast. If it helps, one of Season 5's newest characters, Mike Prince, will be promoted as a series regular starting in Season 6. At the same time, just because Lewis is officially stepping down from a regular role, this doesn't mean that he's no longer going to make appearances in the future. The Emmy-winning actor might still pop up as Bobby Axelrod in the show every for an episode or two, especially as the series' sixth season has been confirmed as the last.

With Stoll's Prince proving himself as a big enough threat to make Lewis' Axe run off to Switzerland in the show, Stoll could potentially replace the show's morally ambiguous star.

Having said that, all fans can do for now is wait. Season 6 of Billions is set to premiere in January 2022.

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