Dambuster Studios announces Dead Island 2 showcase

The event will showcase more gameplay details about the upcoming action RPG.

Dambuster Studios, the developer of the Dead Island sequel, recently announced the game would be delayed by twelve weeks. The studio is making up for it by confirming a showcase event for the upcoming action RPG.

Dead Island Cover
The showcase event will feature three of the six characters in the Dead Island sequel.

The upcoming Dead Island 2 showcase will be happening on December 6 2022 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET. The event was revealed on the official Dead Island Twitter channel.

Dead Island 2 had a shaky development and has needed to change studios a few times. However, the game finally caught a break and is now seemingly headed for a 2023 release. It won't arrive in February as previously announced but is still on track to be launched next year.

The Dead Island 2 Showcase promises “a feature of action, gore, and zombies," and will feature an "exclusive gameplay reveal, showcased through an exciting cinematic live-action pulp adventure." It should excite fans who've been waiting for almost a decade for a sequel to Dead Island.

Dambuster wants to show off the finished gameplay for Dead Island 2. The company is just fixing some of the bugs but the core gameplay has been finalized. The developer has been revealing some of the characters for the upcoming Dead Island sequel.

According to the Youtube description for the event:

LA is in ruins. A deadly virus is spreading and the city is in quarantine. With the military long gone, follow three fearless survivors in their search for a safe haven from the outbreak and zombie hordes.

As they roam the supposedly abandoned mansion of local videogame and movie producer in the Hollywood Hills, they’ll soon discover that nowhere is safe in HELL-A. The Showcase will also feature an exclusive first look into the game and its features.

Dead Island Art
Jacob is one of the playable characters in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 will be featuring six playable characters. However, only three of them would be included in the showcase event. The official Dead Island Twitter account already revealed Jacob, a British man working in Hollywood as a stuntman and often gives out Shakespearean quotes while slaying zombies.

The other characters for Dead Island 2 should be revealed as the showcase nears.

Hopefully, Dambuster Studios shows off the different areas of the game in the upcoming showcase. There are several districts found in the game with their own subset of zombies. These zombies will be unique to their district and feature the lifestyle of the undead when they were still alive.

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