Cyclizar makes its debut in latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer

The Pokemon World Championships give audiences a better look at the future of competitive battling in Pokemon.

As we grow closer to the release date of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company are starting to peel back the layers of new features that are coming to the latest mainline Pokemon titles.

Cyclizar Debut Latest Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Trailer
The "Competitive Play" trailer has Pokemon players salivating at the endless possibilities of the new meta.

The Pokemon Company closed out the 2022 Pokemon World Championships with a trailer for the first pair of open-world mainline Pokemon games.

Unlike previous outings, the latest trailer for Pokemon Violet and Scarlet focused heavily on the competitive battle mechanics, giving audiences a glimpse of new moves, items, as well as a new mechanic, Terastallizing. The trailer opens up with the reveal of Cyclizer, a ridable dragon Pokemon that bears a striking resemblance to Koraidon and Miraidon, the pair of legendaries that serve as mascots for the games. Cyclizer's new move, Shed Tail, which will leave a substitute and lets it swap with a different Pokemon in your party.

In addition to the new Pokemon, Scarlet and Violet will have new items like the following:

  • Mirror Herb - lets holders mirror the stat increases of their opponent for its own gain - can only be used once
  • Covert Cloak - conceals the holder and protects it from additional move effects
  • Loaded Dice - increases the chances that a multistrike move will hit more times if held by a Pokemon
Cyclizar Debut Latest Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Trailer
Don't forget to pre-order Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to enjoy this unique bonus.

Of course, the biggest highlight for Scarlet and Violet is Terastallizing. This battle mechanic lets Pokemon change types after using. For example, Tyranitator, a Dark/Dark type, is now a Ghost type after using the mechanic. Also, Terastallized Pokemon can use and/or learn a new move, Tera Blast, that changes type depending on the Tera type of the Pokemon that is using the move.

Be sure to watch the video below if you want a better idea of how all the new features for Violet and Scarlet work:

After a brief hiatus from working on mainline Pokemon games, Game Freak is once again the lead developer of Pokemon Violet and Scarlet. The pair is expected to come out on the Nintendo Switch on November 18.

On top of what the latest trailer just revealed, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will introduce a four-player co-op and three distinct stories, among others.

In other news, McDonald's revealed Pokemon trading cards as the new Happy Meal toys. It's also widely speculated that Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet will introduce a new Eevolution.

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