Cyberpunk 2077's Night City Recreated Block By Block In Minecraft

Despite having lost any chance of going down in history as a game with a good launch day, week or month, Cyberpunk 2077 is still soaring. Bugs, refunds and controversies aside, the game continues to sell record numbers and has inspired content creators throughout the world. One such pair of such creators took it upon themselves to recreate the hyper-advanced technological kitsch of Night City in beloved voxel sandbox Minecraft.

The team behind the impressive project is CVP Official, two avid Minecraft architects with several large scale designs to their name, including other big futuristic cities, as seen on their Planet Minecraft profile. Recreating locations from popular culture is a hobby in and of itself in Minecraft with a large dedicated community, and we're actually surprised nobody else decided to crank out a blocky version of Cyberpunk 2077's neon-drenched metropolis already.

Though still a work in progress, this recreation also include the Badlands outside the city border.

CVP isn't gunning for a 1:1 scale replica, with the buildings somewhat downsized to make the project more manageable - it is just two builders making all of it become reality, after all - so that's something that we still hope to see in the future, but this take is already enough to impress. You can even download and explore the current WIP state of Night City in Minecraft, and expand on the groundwork as you see fit - or blow it all up. We're sure many of you will.

Night City is a very different beast than many of the other locations fans have recreated in Minecraft over the years, as fantasy settings usually get more attention. Despite the deliberately blocky aesthetic, with a few mods slapped on Minecraft can show off some beautiful sweeping vistas of hills and rolling plains right out of a Lord of the Rings movie, but the densely packed concrete jungle of a futuristic city is hard to make look good. We'd say this was a success.

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CVP official's Night City replica has been downscaled slightly.

Some interesting techniques are used to replicate the holographic effects on many of the signage seen in Night City, placing coloured transparent blocks in front of solid ones for colour combinations and visual effects. The varied and unique architecture each individual skyscraper in the city sports has been faithfully recreated, with attention given to the layout of the city districts. Not a lot is ready yet, but this is a work in progress with the other districts, locations and even the Badlands stretching out beyond the city borders are being worked on.

We can't wait to see this rendition of Night City to take shape!

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