The first major Cyberpunk 2077 DLC, Phantom Liberty, will be exclusive to next-gen consoles

You can't help but wonder if CD Projekt RED should have just made Cyberpunk 2077 exclusive to the PS5 and XSX in the first place.

Keanu Reeves might have exposed CD Projekt RED for lying about him playing and loving Cyberpunk 2077, but it appears that the relationship between the John Wick actor and studio is well.

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty Exclusive Next Gen Consoles
We're hoping that Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty won't be the last of the premium DLCs for the game.

The Polish studio just confirmed that Reeves will return to record new lines for the next-gen exclusive expansion to Cyberpunk 2077 that's coming out next year.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty will come nearly three years following the release of this decade's most controversial game (and for all the wrong reasons).

It appears that Reeves, who plays Johnny Silverhand in the base game, still has a role in the Phantom Liberty DLC. The upcoming expansion will be exclusive to next-gen consoles. From what we know, it will continue the story of V and introduce a set of fresh faces. The DLC will not come out anytime soon. However, we wouldn't be surprised if it comes out as Cyberpunk 2077 celebrates its third birthday - not that anyone has circled December 10 on their calendars.

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty Exclusive Next Gen Consoles
The trailer for Phantom Liberty is proof that Cyberpunk 2077 should have been a next-gen title.

On top of Phantom Liberty, CDPR also revealed the now-available Edgerunners update for Cyberpunk 2077. As the name suggests, the new content for Cyberpunk 2077 is intended to tie into the events of the Netflix show of the same name, which will premiere on September 13. In addition to a bunch of new items tying Cyberpunk 2077 into the "prequel" anime, the studio also revealed that it will release a second new update after Edgerunners at a later date. CDPR will use this opportunity to make several improvements to the game such as its police system, vehicle combat, melee combat, as well as cyberware.

Unfortunately, this second major update will be the last for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Cyberpunk 2077. Afterward, CDPR will focus on the next-gen and PC versions.

Cyberpunk 2077 has become the poster boy for modern games following its messy launch in late 2020. CDPR has spent the better part of the past two years making Cyberpunk 2077 playable. Several details about the game's troubled development have gone online. Case in point, a report suggests that the QA company played a huge role in the unfortunate fate of Cyberpunk 2077 after it hit store shelves. CDPR hasn't released a statement addressing the said allegations, but the studio's hands aren't clean either - far from it.

Several reports pin the blame on the higher-ups at the Polish studio forcing Cyberpunk 2077 to be available on both last-gen and current-gen consoles when it could've been exclusive to the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.

It's safe to say that whoever is in charge at CDPR has seen the light of the day now that the Phantom Liberty DLC will only be available on the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.

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