Cyberpunk 2077 Life Paths - Corporate, Street Kid & Nomad

Cyberpunk 2077 is not your average dialogue-based open-world game. The choices that you make in this game will affect the entirety of the game, and the whole storyline will vary based on your choices.

In addition to detailed character builds you are given a choice to choose your origin story, also known as your life path, in Cyberpunk 2077. These life paths will determine your gameplay style, your dialogues, and the overall story of the game.

There are three distinct origins that you can choose from - Corporate, Street Kid, and Nomad.

Each of these has different impacts on your gameplay and story. These origin stories serve as a strong back story for the protagonist of the game and ensure that the choices that we make in the game are impactful and have more meaning. Every lifepath will offer unique dialogue options for your character and have a different starting location in Night City.

Below we have everything you need to know about these life paths.


Corporate, as the name suggests, is based around the high and mighty luxurious corporate individuals holding immense power and money. You will have connections with influential people, and your body will also be modified with expensive high-grade military level software.

But, all that doesn't last for long as you are caught in a whole corporate fiasco, which leads you to get fired from the corporation. V (the protagonist) now needs to start all over again from the bottom, earning his way back up into the corporate.

If you choose Corporate as your origin story, then you will start at Arasaka HQ tower. You will meet Agent Jenkins, who is frustrated as the opposing corporate got the promotion he wanted.

Agent Jenkins tasks V to take out the opposing corporate lead by Susan Abernathy, a character only exclusive to the Corporate storyline.

You will also come across Lizzie's bar where you can meet up with your friends and carry out corporate-related affairs. You will also meet a character named Jackie here, along with the Mox gang.

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Street Kid

If you are playing as a Street Kid, you will know the ins and outs of the streets, have solid street cred, and have good connections in the urban areas.

Your starting location will be the El Coyote Coho bar in Heywood. You will find V fixing their nose in the mirror. The bartender asks V to take care of the Fixer, who has been asking for a debt to be repaid.

V visits the Fixer and engages in a heated argument that is ultimately settled. Fixer tasks V to steal a car owned by the corporates in the Arasaka. Fixer convinces V that the debt will be forgotten if the vehicle is brought to him.

As V is stealing the car, he is confronted by Jackie, who was also trying to take the car. They both are caught by inspector Stint and then interrupted by a corporate named Kaoru Fujioka, who orders them to kill both V and Jackie. But, they are spared by the cops after a hefty beating and thrown into an alley.


You will find Nomads roaming around in groups. They are known for their rebellious, free nature. But choosing Nomad lifepath will have you started in the Badlands alone. The Badlands is a secluded wasteland out in the desert surrounding the Night City.

You will start in a garage looking into a mirror as your character, V removes the name/patch of the previous Nomad tribe he used to be in. You will also find a character named Mike in this path who is a mechanic fixing V's car, but since Mike takes too long, V resorts to fixing the car himself.

Once the car is fixed and V sits in the car, he is confronted by the local town Sheriff who asks why he is in town.

Later, you meet Jackie who is a contact of yours helping you smuggle contraband into Night City. As you are trying to drive, corporate agents try to stop you and Jackie. But, after a long chase, you both escape them.

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