Cyberpunk 2077 Official Modding Tools Now Available

In a bold new move, CD Projekt Red has started to outsource the task of fixing Cyberpunk 2077 to fans by releasing new official modding tools, allowing players to alter the game in ways to make it better resemble what they expected at release.

We joke, of course.

The timing of this release is a bit comical considering the on-going bug and performance controversy swirling around the game, but welcome nonetheless. Games have proven time and again that cultivating a healthy modding community can increase a title's popularity by magnitudes, and turn games that would otherwise be forgotten into classics.

CDPR put up a page for the new modding tools, where players can download Metadata, ArchiveDump and TweakDump, with TweakDB IDs coming soon. These official modding tools will be updated frequently to ensure compatibility with the game as new updates are released - which will definitely be needed considering the developers' roadmap for the next few weeks and months.

We're already excited to see the first mods appear for Cyberpunk 2077. We're certain that the community will try tackling things like cut content, removing gender restrictions on romance options, adding new cyberware and weapons and expanding the range of character customization options.

Those are just the basic options, too - mods very quickly delve into the absurd and parodic, having fun at the expense of the base game as much as with it. Expect plenty of crossover mods - how long until someone reskins Johnny Silverhand into John Wick or Neo? - and silly superpowers as well as outlandish total conversion mods.

CD Projekt Red urges users to read the License Agreement before delving into the world of Cyberpunk 2077 modding, which is bound to be a good choice if you want to avoid any possible legal kerfuffles in the future. These tools will no doubt make the lives of the grassroots Cyberpunk 2077 modding community that already cropped up much easier, too.

Aron Gerencser
Gaming at least as long as he's been walking, Aron is a fan of all things sci-fi and lover of RPGs. Having written about games for years, he's right at home reporting most of the breaking news in the industry and covering the happenings of the e-sports world. Graduating summa cum laude from Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi with a BA in Media Production, Aron has been a game journalist since 2014. When not writing, editing or playing, Aron is building models which you can find on Instagram.
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