Cyberpunk 2077 Mods Affected By Security Risk, CD Projekt Red Warns Against Using Them

Update: Literally at the time of writing, the news popped that the hotfix solving this issue is live. Mods are now safe to use in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 just can't get off this train, can it?

After weeks of controversy swirling around game breaking bugs and performance issues, CD Projekt Red got hit with a lawsuit, introduced an all-new game breaking bug in a patch that needed hotfixing and had to delay the free DLC program for the game.

Now, less than a week after releasing official modding tools - a move that should have been a beacon of good things to come - the company has officially warned players from installing mods because of a critical security risk.

According to a statement shared across official CD Projekt Red social media channels, a critical vulnerability in external DLL files makes it possible for code to be executed remotely if a user downloads and installs a mod with malicious content. This means that your entire PC can become compromised if the author of a mod you download exploits this particular vulnerability.

While CD Projekt Red urges to "refrain from using files from unknown sources", it's a good idea to avoid using mods for the time being altogether.

Based on the statement, there is a hotfix on the way, so hopefully we won't need to wait until the release of Patch 1.1 to be able to use mods again. Patch 1.1 should be released sometime this month, bringing a large bulk of bug fixes and tweaks - and hopefully not causing additional bugs in the process. Modding is a great tactic for engaging the audience further and boosting the longevity of any game that successfully cultivates an active user base, so this rocky start to official support is a bit of a hit.

The modding community already started budding in this brief week, with fan-made bug fixes, a third person camera mode, additional customization options and even a controversial mod that model-swapped Johnny Silverhand with a romance option character. Since this essentially made it possible to sleep with a character wearing the likeness of real-life actor Keanu Reeves, CD Projekt Red had to step in and take down the mod. Honestly though, did they not see this coming?

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