Cyberpunk 2077 "Killing In The Name" - Johnny Choice Guide

Throughout the storyline of Cyberpunk 2077, V's relationship with Johnny Silverhand is a major plot point and one of the most important aspects of the narrative that is influenced by your choices. How you get along with the ghost of the hundred year old rocker will have huge consequences during the game's endings, and one of the missions that affect your relationship is "Killing in the Name". Here's how your decisions relate to Johnny Silverhand.

Accepting the Killing in the Name side job

For this mission to become available to you, you have to have completed "A Like Supreme" side job earlier, and received a string of messages from Swedenborg-Riviera. One of his messages will trigger this side job, which is full of scanning. Due to the buggy nature of Killing in the Name, we strongly suggest creating a manual save before getting started.

Throughout the mission, you do a lot of scanning and clue-hunting with there not being anything by way of decisions to be made, until the very end.

Side with Johnny or Nancy

Once you are done with your little scanning scavenger hunt throughout Night City and the Badlands, you will find a special router attached to the side of a fortune teller advertisement. Here, you are faced with a choice that will alter your relationship with Johnny and determine the rewards you get for completing the job.

  • Side with Johnny: You tell Johnny that you won't ruin his fun, and report back to Nancy saying you didn't find anything of interest. Since you couldn't actually deliver any valuable intel, you won't get any Eurodollars for completing the job, but Johnny will approve of your decision and like you more.
  • Side with Nancy: You connect the router and report your findings to Nancy. You receive Eurodollars for a job well done, but Johnny will be disappointed.
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