Cyberpunk 2077 Global Launch Times & Pre-Loading Revealed

The global launch of Cyberpunk 2077 is mere days away, finally ending the agonizing wait that was made even more difficult by multiple delays. The game launches worldwide at the same time, and since some people may be confused by time zones, CD Projekt Red released a handy map showing exactly when the game will be available broken down to region.

The December 10th release date cited on all the marketing material refers to GMT, so the game is out when the clock strikes 12:00 AM on the 10th in that time zone, globally, on PC and Stadia. The other regions to which you can refer to have been listed by CD Projekt Red as follows:

  • Los Angeles - 4 PM PST, December 9
  • Mexico City - 6 PM CST, December 9
  • New York - 7 PM EST, December 9
  • Bogota - 7 PM COT, December 9
  • Brasília - 9 PM BRT, December 9
  • Paris - 1 AM CET, December 10
  • Warsaw - 1 AM CET, December 10
  • Cairo - 2 AM EET, December 10
  • Johannesburg - 2 AM SAST, December 10
  • Moscow - 3 AM MSK, December 10
  • Istanbul - 3 AM TRT, December 10
  • Dubai - 4 AM GST, December 10
  • Beijing - 8 AM CST, December 10
  • Singapore - 8 AM SGT, December 10
  • Seoul - 9 AM KST, December 10
  • Tokyo - 9 AM JST, December 10
  • Sydney - 11 AM AEDT, December 10
  • Auckland - 1 PM NZDT, December 10
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The console versions of the game will become available on December 10, 12:00 PM local time wherever you are - this might mean getting it late, or getting it early depending on where you live!

Pre-loading on PC is available from December 7, 12 PM CET via GOG and 5 PM CET via Steam and Epic Games Store. Pre-loading on Xbox is available from December 3, 5 PM CET and December 8, 12 PM CET on PlayStation.

Considering how huge the additional downloads and patches will be at launch, we suggest you get pre-loading as soon as possible to be ready to play when the game launches! Some copies got out into the wild early, so be cautious of spoilers online.

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