Cyberpunk 2077 gets free next-gen version alongside 1.5 update

True to their promise, CDPR dropped a trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 on next-gen consoles as well as the massive 1.5 update.

Over a year after CD Projekt RED's overhyped and underachieving AAA title, Cyberpunk 2077, was released, it's finally a step closer to realizing its potential. As promised last year, CDPR's latest action-adventure title has finally come out for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X - free for owners of the existing version, if we might add - alongside a massive update.

Night City is more alive than ever because of the latest Cyberpunk 2077 update.

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After teasing a live stream on its Twitch channel earlier this week, the Polish studio dropped footage of Cyberpunk 2077 running smoothly at what appears to be 60 frames per second on the PlayStation 5. The scene then switches over to Cyberpunk 2077 on the Xbox Series S, where it's less sharp but still noticeably better compared to current-gen consoles, with some Xbox Series X footage following suit.

In addition to dropping a new trailer for next-gen versions of Cyberpunk 2077, CDPR also confirmed that users can try out the game for a month (for a maximum of five hours) on the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. As a bonus, the trial comes with save-file transfers to the full version in case Night City wins you over after barely making it through the game's first act.

On top of the graphical upgrades to Cyberpunk 2077, CDPR also introduced the highly anticipated 1.5 update for the game. At 50GB, it's a big one, but it might just be enough to bring disheartened players back into the field. Case in point, the new patch reworks the game's perk system, swapping out the more useless ones with others, while enhancing those that needed just a wee bit of tweaking to be useful. If you're a returning player, you might find unassigned perk points from the perks that are no longer in the game.

CDPR also made several changes to the Cyberpunk 2077's combat system, specifically making enemies more "clever". Unfortunately, this wasn't part of the showcase, so you'll have to find out yourself if CDPR wasn't joking. If it's any consolation, the trailer did include clips of V doing donuts in a sports car, proving that the game's atrocious driving is better now.

Speaking of changes, CDPR has addressed criticism that the world of Cyberpunk 2077 feels too artificial. Going forward, crowds will have realistic reactions to whatever you do in-game and they'll stick around. Other improvements to Cyberpunk 2077 include reasonably-priced items at in-game vendors and the ability to change V's appearance in-game at the apartment. Also, Cyberpunk 2077 now lets players rent pads all over Night City, mirroring GTA V, among other games.

It's nice to know that CDPR was listening to player feedback all this time.

Only time will tell if players find the latest changes to Cyberpunk 2077 satisfactory, although we have a hunch that things will only get better for the game from here on out.

It will be interesting to see how many players will check out Cyberpunk 2077's next-gen console launch amidst a busy February slate. Earlier this month, Sony released Sifu for the PlayStation consoles while Techland finally dropped Dying Light 2 after a two-year delay. Meanwhile, Horizon Forbidden West is coming on February 18 amidst stellar reviews from critics. Finally, there's also Elden Ring on the 25th with Destiny 2's expansion coming on the 22nd.

A content-filled DLC or two might be enough to bring Cyberpunk 2077 a step closer to the version that was promised all of those years ago.
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