Cyberpunk 2077 Fast Travel Guide - How To Travel Quickly Through Night City

Cyberpunk 2077 is a big game, with Night City and the Badlands covering an approximate area in the ballpark of 100km2. Even though the future of 2077 offers all kinds of fancy vehicles and even augmented legs to get around quicker than usual, sometimes you're just not interested in sightseeing.

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Luckily, the game has a fast travel feature, and it isn't even hard to unlock early on in the game. Here's how to use fast travel in Cyberpunk 2077.

If you have played The Witcher 3, then this fast travel system will be familiar to you. CD Project Red basically lifted the signpost system and reskinned it for Cyberpunk 2077. You can fast travel from Tourist Information Kiosks, easily identified by the large green holographic display of Night City, and at Transport Stations. Note that you cannot just warp from any location on the map to any other location, because fast travelling is facilitated between fixed points.

Cyberpunk 2077 Fast Travel Guide - How To Travel Quickly Through Night City

Fast Travel is unlocked when you complete the early-game mission "The Ride", and after that point you can discover Fast Travel points simply by going near them. Driving or walking past the Kiosk or Station should do the trick, and by the time you've finished The Ride you'll have passed by most points in Watson, the starting area. Later in the game, you can identify Fast Travel locations by looking for the blue icon on your map.

Once unlocked, you can instantly travel to any fast travel point from any other fast travel point by simply interacting with the Kiosk or Station. They are fairly densely packed throughout the map, so you're bound to always find one conveniently close to wherever you need to go. Make sure to do some travel by foot or car as well to easily unlock them when entering a new district or area.

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