Cyberpunk 2077 Braindance Editor Guide

Braindance is a pretty major element of Cyberpunk 2077, both in terms of gameplay and worldbuilding. In the future, Braindance works as a more tangible version of VR, where you can feel sensations as if they'd be real thanks to brain implants. Braindance footage is often used for investigative purposes during the storyline.

Introduction to Braindance Editor

The game itself does a pretty good job of introducing players to this feature, as it comes up in an unskippable main mission wherein Judy Alvarez - who is also a romance option - walks V through the basic operation of the system.

When you enter a braindance, usually the goal is to discover a specific set of clues or an important item. Braindancing is also used as a form of entertainment in Night City, unsurprisingly usually pornographic in nature, and can be enjoyed at your leisure in braindance bars. It's also pretty dangerous and can be used as a very creative weapon, too - if a braindance involves the viewer "dying", the shock of the experience may actually kill them for real.

There are a few functions and controls you need to get the hang of to become a braindance super-sleuth.

Using the Braindance Editor

Camera Controls

You can move the camera around the 3D space freely, meaning you are not tied to the perspective of the recording individual. These controls are no different than controlling your character usually is - however, the visualized space is restricted by the surroundings of the recording individual. If they cannot see something, it degrades and becomes fuzzy. Fast forwarding and rewinding the braindance can clear up key locations and objects.

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As mentioned above, you can freely rewind and fast forward throughout the braindance. We suggest watching it unaltered start to finish once before getting started with the actual detective work, but if you are impatient you can just hop to the shaded area - this indicates something of interest.

Layer Switching

Braindances have several layers divided between Visual, Audio and Thermal, with head holding different data and clues. The "Switch Layer" button, highlighted on your screen, is an easy way to jump between them. The shaded section may differ from layer to layer!

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