Cyberpunk 2077 Angel & Skye - Who is Who? Automatic Love Guide

Sometimes entire communities experience the same inexplicable and odd occurrence that may not make much sense to others. This is often referred to as mass hysteria. While the strangest common issue Cyberpunk 2077 players are apparently encountering en masse might not quite qualify, it's definitely close: who's Angel, and who is Skye?

During the course of the mission Automatic Love, V will have to choose a partner to... rest and relax with. What is initially implied to be nothing more than quick gratification with a prostitute turns into an emotionally charged moment, one of many throughout the game, but the reason this mission is a hot search topic is because players can't seem to remember which of the two options is Skye, and which is Angel - even though the game literally shows you pictures of both, with name tags, seconds before asking you to choose.

The point is, one of the selectable partners is male, the other is female. Based on one particularly active Reddit thread, countless players selected Angel expecting the female. In case the very handing photographs didn't quite cut it, let us make it really clear here:

Skye is a woman, Angel is a man.

Incidentally, the ensuing conversation is one of the most interesting and well developed in the game, regardless of which partner you select. V is here to get some key information about Evelyn, but that isn't the only thing you'll be talking about.

We won't be going into spoilers in this particular guide - though we have plenty of conversation guides that don't shy away from laying everything bare, this isn't one of them. This is just a quick PSA to help players remember something the game shoved in their face mere seconds ago!

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This is why you shouldn't text and game, folks, at least during conversations and cutscenes.

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