Crystal Dynamics might be preparing to revive Legacy of Kain

Despite being a critical hit and a fan favorite, the Legacy of Kain franchise has been put on ice since 2003.

With Amy Hennig taking her talents to Naughty Dog and Legacy of Kain: Defiance not selling as well as expected in 2003 despite favorable reviews from critics and audiences, the developers, Crystal Dynamics, ended up putting the Legacy of Kain series on ice. But, in the years since, Crystal Dynamics and their former owners, Square Enix, have shown interest. For example, there was the unreleased multiplayer game, Nosgoth.

Legacy of Kain died when Amy Hennig left but Crystal Dynamics hasn't completely given up on the series just yet.

Having said that, now that Crystal Dynamics has regained ownership of Legacy of Kain and other IPs like Tomb Raider, it appears that they're ready to revisit the iconic franchise.

As per Twisted Voxel, Crystal Dynamics sent out feelers in the form of surveys that asked the users if they were interested in a remake, reboot, or sequel to Legacy of Kain. In addition to this, the survey asked users about their interest in vampire video games as well as if they've had previous experience with the older Legacy of Kain titles.

The departure of Amy Hennig effectively ended the Legacy of Kain franchise. It wouldn't be far-fetched to say that Hennig is Legacy of Kain. She's even described the series as her "greatest achievement."

Technically, Crystal Dynamics could commission Amy Hennig to write the script for a new Legacy of Kain game.

We're curious to see how Crystal Dynamics will make a successful Legacy of Kain game if Hennig isn't involved.

But, it's highly unlikely that they'll dive deep into the iconic franchise just like that. The ideal route is to remaster Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, which is considered the best in the series. After this, Crystal Dynamics can feel out the market to see if there is a demand. If the game sells more than enough to recoup development costs, then it'll have proven that gamers still want to see a new Legacy of Kain game. But, if it doesn't sell as well as expected, then at least they'll have crossed one more game off of their to-do list.

At this point, Legacy of Kain fans don't care what form a new game takes. What's important is that it happens.

In the meantime, fans of the franchise can look forward to what's next for the former series director, Amy Hennig. After departing Naughty Dog, Hennig is now working with Marvel on a new comic book video game starring Captain America and Black Panther and something set in the Star Wars universe.

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