Crossplay is coming to Destiny 2

Season 15 of Destiny 2 is fast approaching and Bungie has revealed a Crossplay feature that allows players to connect with other Guardians across all platforms.

As season 15 of Destiny 2 is fast approaching, Bungie is revealing new features coming to the game. One of those features is the ability to join other players across platforms via crossplay. Both crossplay and cross-save are coming, and there are a lot of adjustments that have to be made to accommodate this new feature.

Name Changes

Players will be given a new Bungie name when Crossplay launches.

Many people are wondering what on earth will happen to your Guardian's identity? People who play on multiple platforms may have different names, and uniting them through crossplay could lead to complications. Bungie's answer to this is a new, unique ID consisting of your Bungie name, display name, a hashtag, and a series of numbers.

Name Restrictions

Special Characters are not allowed in your Bungie name.

Unfortunately, special characters will be removed from your name. If you have an inappropriate name, your name will be modified by Bungie as well. If you fall into this category, you can end up with a default or empty Guardian name together with a random number. Be sure to change your name now, because the name change feature of Destiny 2 will not be available on launch, meaning you might get stuck with a default name for a long time.

Friend List Update

You can now combine all your friends across multiple platforms in one list.

Bungie also made changes when it comes to your friend list. You will now be able to see all of your friends in one list called the Bungie Friends, regardless of their platform. However, you can turn on a platform filter in order to find friends who are on the same platform as you. You can also see who is online in your clan and instantly team up with them and get clan rewards.

Adding Friends

You can also add your friends to your Bungie Friend System on the Roster Screen.

Bungie also made it easier to add friends across any platform. Simply log into the desired platform and you will see your previously added friend list specific to that platform. Issue a request on the roster screen and they will be added to your Bungie friend list. You can also search for your friends using the Invite screen, and add your platform friends directly on the Bungie Friend system by issuing a friend request there.


You will get notified when you receive a Fireteam invitation.

Fireteam invites have been simplified as well. Notifications indicating invites issued in-game can be accepted by going to the Roster screen and going to the Fireteam Invites tab. The Roster screen will also show clan invites, friend requests and allow you to search for other Guardians/Players.

Fireteam Finder

You can also modify the kind of invites you receive in your privacy settings.

Bungie is also aiming to build a better community for everyone. The Fireteam Finder feature allows Fireteam invites on all platforms. However, many players still report being harassed in the community, which is why Bungie added a blocking feature. They also added new privacy settings that you can modify and access in the privacy settings menu on the website.

Fair Play

PC players will be matched with fellow PC players during competitive play.

Now that everyone is united across all platforms, a level playing field must be maintained. Bungie's answer to this problem is matching players who are playing on the same platform. For example, if you are playing on a console, you will be matched with people who are playing on any console platform as well. Stadia players will fall under the console category. Teams with combined platform players will fall into the PC category.

Chatting Feature

The Voice Chat feature will not be available when the Crossplay feature launches.

Unfortunately, there will be no voice chat feature when crossplay launches. Currently, Bungie is still working on this issue and the team should have a fix shortly. To compensate for it, Bungie will be adding a chat feature in the game. USB keyboard controls will be added for console players as well, but they will be for chat purposes only.

More Updates

The Iron Banner will be available until August 10.

Aside from the massive Crossplay update, Bungie is planning to add more features in the game when Season 15 drops. The developers will add the Voice Chat feature across all platforms after launch. You can also expect a name change feature, text chat display, and input for console players in the winter. The Iron Banner will also be available from August 3 until August 10.

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