Critics all have bad things to say about Saints Row

It appears that the latest iteration in the GTA clone franchise failed to deliver a similarly fun experience.

Reviews for the open-world crime game, Saints Row, have circulated all over the web in the past 24 hours and they haven't been kind.

We'll have to wait for what audiences have to say about the Saints Row reboot.
We'll have to wait for what audiences have to say about the Saints Row reboot.

With a 64 Metacritic score, Saints Row has one of the lowest scores of a AAA video game in recent memory and it's far from where you'd expect what should have been one of the best GTA clones to land.

Here's a round-up of what critics are saying about Saints Row:

Critics All Have Bad Things To Say About Saints Row
Don't let the critics decide for you. You'll want to give the new Saints Row a chance if you liked its predecessors.

Saints Row might already be out today, depending on where you're from. We recommend that you give it a try instead of believing critics. Unlike the Grand Theft Auto games, Saints Row was never a critical darling. The older games enjoyed Metacritic scores of somewhere around the 60s to the 70s. Yet, this hasn't stopped Volition from making five of them if you include the current reboot.

Besides, if you played 2013's Saints Row 4 and its 2015 standalone expansion, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, the reboot is in much better shape. You could go as far as to argue that the new Saints Row is just as good as Saints Row the Third.

Ultimately, if you enjoyed the previous Saints Row outings, there's no reason you wouldn't like Saints Row. It's far more polished than the last two games. Admittedly, the critics aren't wrong to point out how it seems to value flashiness and production value over substance, but that's just how the franchise has always been.

This isn't to say that Saints Row will win end-of-the-year accolades. However, if you skip Saints Row based on the brutally honest reviews floating around online, you might miss out on a fun and chaotic if buggy gaming experience.

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