Final Fantasy 7 prequel, Crisis Core, is getting a remake this December

The PSP-exclusive Final Fantasy 7 spin-off starring Zack Fair is headed to all platforms this December.

The Snitch strikes again.

It's time that most of the world finds out who Zack Fair really is.

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Earlier this month, a Twitter user came out of nowhere and started spouting what initially appeared like nonsense. Normally, most people would have just dismissed it as another troll account. However, within a span of a few weeks, the anonymous Twitter handle has leaked more credible info than others have in their entire careers. Case in point, The Snitch has successfully leaked everything from Hideo Kojima's in-development project and The Last of Us remake for the PS5 and the PC.

Now, The Snitch adds to his growing list of leaks with the confirmation of a Crisis Core remake.

As revealed at the Final Fantasy VII 25th anniversary celebration, 2007's PSP-exclusive game, Crisis Core, is getting a re-release with "updated 3D models, full voiceovers and new music arrangements," in December.

Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Reunion will be a re-telling of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7, which told the story of Zack Fair.

For those who haven't played the numerous Final Fantasy VII spin-offs, the prequel will follow Zack's rise through the ranks of Shinra's elite fighting force, SOLDIER, where he eventually made it to First Class before his demise just before the start of Final Fantasy 7.

As the trailer puts it, Zack's legacy is Final Fantasy VII, so it might be a good idea to check the game out. Luckily, Square Enix isn't making this difficult as Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Reunion will be available on the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and the PC.

Zack Fair's solo romp will be playable on other platforms for the first time ever.

If you prefer a more portable way of experiencing the story of Crisis Core, you can wait for the release of Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, which is a compilation of the entire FF7 universe, later this year.

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