Creed 3 is the first sports movie to be shot on IMAX cameras

MGM has released a new featurette that stars Michael B. Jordan as he takes fans on a brief journey into his directorial debut, including shooting the film on IMAX cameras.

Metro Goldwyn Meyer has released a behind-the-scenes trailer for the forthcoming Creed 3 film. The featurette shows multiple clips of Michael B. Jordan as the director while revealing what makes the film special and niche-defining for sports movies. The new trailer follows the release of the official trailer back in October.

Creed Imax
Creed III will make history as the first sports film to be shot with IMAX cameras.

Creed III is the first sports film shot with IMAX cameras. The film also marks the directorial debut of Jordan. The new trailer provides an insight into shooting the film in IMAX as well as a discussion on the character and growth of Adonis Donnie Creed.

It opens with Jordan talking about experiencing Adonis’ travails and how he's grown with the character. It then pans to Jordan talking about his directorial debut and what he and the crew aim to achieve with the film. The Black Panther actor went on to comment that the film is not the cliché boxing movie as it is loaded with emotions from the characters’ journeys. In between Jordan’s talks, the featurette shows the film’s official trailer and behind-the-scenes shots of the cast and crew.

When talking about the perks of shooting on IMAX cameras, Jordan stated, "This is the first sports film to be shot on IMAX cameras. With the IMAX experience, you can take in that environment in a way that you normally wouldn’t. We’re able to see every bead of sweat, every impact, the ripples in the skin, the sounds of the footsteps, the punches, the music, the lack of sound, and really immerse yourself into the entire world."

The actor, who made his film debut in the Keanu Reeves film Hardball, also stated that he wants the film to have a tremendous positive impact on fans.

Creed 3 appears to feature a grimmer plot, which deviates from the usual sentimentalism of the series. It is also the first film in the Rocky franchise that will not star Sylvester Stallone’s character Rocky Balboa. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stallone revealed the reason for his absence from the film. The Rocky actor stated that he does not support the film’s direction. He also expressed his regrets and wish that things turned out differently. According to the legendary actor, his filmmaking philosophy is different and involves getting heroes beat up but not putting them in a dark place. He attributed this to the fact that people already have enough darkness in them.

Creed Imax
Creed III promises a big showdown between Michael B. Jordan's character and Jonathan Major's character.

The forthcoming film is the third film in the Creed spin-off series and the ninth installment of the Rocky franchise overall. The film’s events take place seven years after Creed II, at a time when Donnie has a successful family life and career. However, things take a turn for the worse when his childhood friend, Damian Dame Anderson, returns from a long prison sentence and threatens to burn down everything he has built, including his family.

The film stars Jordan and Jonathan Majors as Donnie and Dame respectively. Other cast members are Tessa Thompson, Wood Harris, Florian Munteanu, Phylicia Rashad, and Tony Bellew who play Bianca Taylor, Tony Little Duke Evers, Viktor Drago, Mary Anne Creed, and Pretty Ricky Conlan.

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