Creators tease potential Cobra Kai Season 6 delay

According to Cobra Kai co-creator, John Hurwitz, negotiations between Netflix and Sony are not progressing as fast as expected.

Netflix should be jumping at the chance to renew Cobra Kai for a sixth and, possibly, even seventh season. But, it appears that negotiations between Netflix and Sony suggest that it's not a sure thing yet.

Creators Tease Potential Cobra Kai Season Delay
Cobra Kai Season 5 helped prove that not all of Netflix's biggest hits are critical duds.

Deadline recently had a chance to sit down with the show's creators, Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg, to talk more about the success of the unlikely hit sequel to the original Karate Kid films. On the topic of a sixth season, Hurwitz confirmed that the streaming giant hasn't officially given it the greenlight.

Specifically, Hurwitz explained that there might be "a little bit more of a wait potentially". But, don't worry - the delay isn't due to any issue. Rather, the creators are currently involved in another Netflix-Sony venture, Obliterated. Not to mention, they're also working on the Ferris Bueller spin-off, Sam and Victor's Day Off.

Creators Tease Potential Cobra Kai Season Delay
We're pretty sure most wouldn't really mind waiting until next Christmas for Cobra Kai Season 5.

It looks like the "early" arrival of Cobra Kai Season 5 came with a price. After debuting the previous seasons on a December, the fifth season of the show arrived recently. Then, after Heald teased that they're already planning for future seasons, fans expected the next season to arrive even sooner. But, it appears that this was all wishful thinking.

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The good news is that it's highly unlikely that Netflix will cancel such a successful show as Cobra Kai Season 4 and Season 5 enjoyed excellent Rotten Tomatoes scores. If nothing else, Season 6 will likely be "delayed" to December 2023, which isn't a long wait at all. Hopefully, before then, Netflix and Sony will have shaken hands on potential spin-offs to Cobra Kai.

Creators Tease Potential Cobra Kai Season Delay
Cobra Kai has become one of the most pleasant surprises on Netflix.

In the meantime, Karate Kid fans can look forward to watching Sony's second Karate Kid reboot on June 7, 2024. Even though it's not connected to Cobra Kai in any way, Sony has done a mighty fine job with the Karate Kid franchise. We wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being another hit for the studio.

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