How to Create Custom Shoutouts in Monster Hunter Rise

Any Monster Hunter game is not complete without multiplayer. Teaming up with a bunch of random strangers or friends is arguably one of the biggest draws of the Monster Hunter games. Monster Hunter Rise is no exception.

Hunting in Monster Hunter Rise will go a whole lot easier if you can communicate well and be cordial with total strangers during hunts.

In addition to making it easier to take down larger and more difficult foes, the social aspect of Monster Hunter Rise allows you to hunt for rare items. However, just as difficult as it is to take down gargantuan creatures on your own in Monster Hunter Rise, the difficulty remains the same when playing with others. In fact, it might even become more difficult as you now have to worry about what the other players are doing.

With that said, you must communicate well with the rest of your team if you are to take down that fearsome foe.

While instant messaging apps like Discord have made it easier to talk to your teammates in games like Monster Hunter Rise, this isn't always possible when looking for teammates. Moreso, the problem can be worse when playing with random strangers. Because of this, communication becomes a bit more difficult. But, Monster Hunter Rise has a solution in the form of creating custom shoutouts.

Creating Custom Shoutouts in Monster Hunter Rise

In some ways, using custom shoutouts is a better way to communicate than talking or tying since it takes so much less time.

Given that the Nintendo Switch isn't exactly the most communication-friendly platform right now, Capcom's addition of premade shoutouts and stickers in Monster Hunter Rise makes it easier to greet other players and communicate with them. This works even during hunts. However, while the premade shoutouts work to some extent, players can actually customize the shoutouts to make them less plain and more personal.

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To make a custom shoutout, all players will have to do is to navigate the chat menu by pressing the - button or accessing it from the Start menu and going to the Multiplayer tab. From there, you can edit all three custom shoutouts by pressing it using the Right Stick and X.

Furthermore, players will be able to go to the System tab to assign the custom shoutouts to keys on the Action Bar. Players can place up to three stickers and one custom shoutout on the Action Bar simultaneously. You can also toggle between the shortcuts on the Action Bar using the right or left inputs on the D-pad of the Nintendo Switch.

Taking advantage of custom shoutouts in Monster Hunter Rise will make hunting with strangers go a lot easier. A good example of this is adding a custom shoutout that lets your team know that you intend on capturing a monster. You must foster goodwill and practice proper communication with your teammates during hunts. This way, they're more likely to go hunting with you in the future and you'll have made yourself some new friends.

As a side benefit, even total strangers will be willing to have your back if you communicate well with them in Monster Hunter Rise.

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