Crash Bandicoot is crossing over to Call of Duty

Don't worry, you're not about to see a lab-made marsupial walking around in Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2 anytime soon.

We're still surprised that Activision Blizzard hasn't leveraged Call of Duty more to market its upcoming games.

It's about time that Activision Blizzard starts to leverage its treasure trove of properties and make them crossover into Call of Duty.

The most recent cosmetic collaboration for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Warzone 2, as part of Season 4's launch, includes a familiar genetically enhanced marsupial.

Crash Bandicoot is officially coming to Call of Duty, but don't worry, it won't be as a character skin that will make you look like a mascot running around and slashing everyone's throat.

With Season 4 launching on June 14, Activision is spicing up the game's content by integrating its franchises. The season keeps Modern Warfare 2's redesigned combat map-styled battle pass, divided into different sectors ranging from D0 to D20. The pass offers over 100 rewards across its free and premium tiers, adding excitement to the gameplay and progression.

This season introduces two new weapons as well: the full-auto assault rifle Tempus Razorback in Sector D13 and the ISO 45 submachine gun in Sector D19. Both guns are freely available within the battle pass, providing players with a fresh arsenal to explore.

A fascinating addition to this season is the reintroduction of Nikto, an operator originally from 2019's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Season pass purchasers gain immediate access to Nikto, with additional operator skins like Alejandro's "Swamped" skin and Valeria's "Out for Blood" skin further down the pass.

Crash Bandicoot is going through a bit of a renaissance following the success of its most recent outings.

In addition, Activision is launching the premium Blackcell pass, offering even more skins and rewards. For $30, players will receive 7,000 CoD Points worth of content, including the full Season 4 pass, 20 tier skips, a new BlackCell operator named Io, and more.

But the true highlight of this season is the collaboration with Activision's iconic platformer. In celebration of the upcoming release of Crash Team Rumble on June 20, Activision is releasing a new bundle, the Tracer Pack: Crash Bandicoot. This bundle costs 1,800 CoD Points ($12) and is bursting with Crash-themed goodies.

The Crash Bandicoot bundle includes two weapon variants, several cosmetic items, and the first-ever lethal equipment skin in Modern Warfare 2, turning the grenade equipment into a recognizable Wumpa fruit from the Crash games.

Other cosmetics include an ATV skin, a loading screen, three stickers, and an emblem, all designed with the vibrant and fun aesthetic of Crash.

According to the description, Crash Team Rumble is a "4v4 team-based competition."

This collaboration marks a playful turn in the otherwise intense battlefield of Call of Duty, adding a layer of nostalgia for a lot of fans who grew up with the marsupial hero. Activision is utilizing the popularity of Call of Duty to cross-promote its other franchises, reflecting a smart business model.

With these collaborations, Activision blurs the lines between its games, building a sense of shared community among its diverse player base. Given that the publisher owns other popular franchises like Overwatch, Candy Crush, Spyro, StarCraft, Warcraft, and Diablo, among others, future collaborations might also be in store.

To be honest, we're surprised there wasn't a Diablo-themed skin added to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 in the lead-up to the best-selling release of Diablo 4.

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