Could Abandoned Be Kojima's Silent Hill Hiding in Plain Sight?

The PlayStation 5 isn't yet a year old and the quality of its exclusive titles is already quite impressive. We've seen the likes of Demon's Souls, Returnal, and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart hit the next-gen console from Sony, and more are coming soon. One of the more intriguing titles that are set to release on the PS5, Abandoned, is stirring up some significant speculation, after a series of tweets from its indie developers.

Could Abandoned Be Silent Hill
For an indie title, Abandoned is receiving an awful lot of support from SIE.

Is Kojima Up To His Old Tricks Once Again?

Could Abandoned Be Silent Hill
Kojima pulling the strings behind an unusual game reveal wouldn't be the first time it would happen.

We already covered Abandoned earlier this year. The game is a photo-realistic first-person survival sim that's currently being developed by BLUE BOX Game Studios.

Almost immediately after the game's reveal, fans speculated that it was Hideo Kojima's next project in disguise. Many pointed out the similarities between Abandoned and Kojima's canceled project, Silent Hills. This included the haunting atmosphere and what looks like some intense survival horror gameplay.

Another thing of note about Abandoned is that Sony Interactive Entertainment is publishing it. The game even received its own post on the PlayStation Blog. Meanwhile, the developers are claiming that Abandoned will run at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second on the PS5.

If you take a look at how good Abandoned looks with its photo-realistic graphics, it seems an awful lot to accomplish for a small team of developers.
he thing that really fueled the rumors though, was the developers of Abandoned themselves.

You can't exactly blame people for thinking of Silent Hill after seeing the tweet above. This kind of marketing also is not seen among video game developers, not especially indie studios. Because of this, many believe that BLUE BOX Game Studios is just a placeholder for Kojima.

If this is true, it wouldn't exactly be the first time that Kojima had pulled something similar. A good example was with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The game was originally announced to have been developed by the Sweden-based studio, Moby Dick.  Later on, audiences found out that this was all just Kojima trying to pull a fast one on everyone.

True, the unusual move didn't exactly trick a lot of the series' hardcore fans. However, it was effective as far as generating hype goes. The result was a game that ended up being one of the best-selling titles of its generation and one of Kojima's best games ever.

At the moment, Kojima Productions is working on a next-gen version of Death Stranding. Still, we wouldn't put it past the infamous auteur to try and one-up his previous antics.

What’s Next for Abandoned?

Could Abandoned Be Silent Hill
We can expect to see more of Abandoned on June 20 and 22.

It's important to remember that everything we've talked about is just pure speculation. Neither Hideo Kojima, Sony, nor BLUE BOX Game Studios has confirmed that Abandoned is indeed Silent Hill. Nor has anyone confirmed that the game is being developed by Hideo Kojima.

If it's any consolation, we don't exactly have to wait for too long to find out more about Abandoned.

BLUE BOX Studios' survival horror title is slated to release in Q4 2021 for the PS5 with a reveal scheduled for June 20 and 22.

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