Cosmoem, Morelull and unreleased Pikachu costumes are coming to Pokemon Go

A new leak from reliable dataminers has uncovered new Pokemon from Sun & Moon that may be added to the game.

It has been a busy week or so for Pokémon Go players. We had several Pokémon from Sun and Moon arrive in the game via events.

Pokemon Cover
New Pikachu costumes are coming to Pokemon Go.

We recently reported that Celesteela was going to be added to the game, which happened last weekend during the Test Your Mettle event. Also added to Pokemon Go is another legendary Kartana, which can also be encountered via the 5-star raids.

Three Pokémon, namely Pheromosa, Buzzwole, and Xurkitree, were also added to the game. The three were introduced in the in-person Pokémon Go Fest in Berlin. Trainers from other parts of the globe will have to wait for these Pokémon to be part of future 5-star raids.

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It looks like we are about to get more Pokémon from Sun and Moon. Reliable dataminer @PokeMiner has leaked two new Pokémon from Sun and Moon that may be added to the mobile game.

The dataminers have found models for Cosmoem, Morelull, and Shiinotic in the Pokémon Go game files. Along with the new Pokémon, dataminers have also found two unreleased costumes for Pikachu.

All these Pokémon will most likely be added through weekly events similar to the previous one last weekend.

New Pikachu costumes

Pokemon Go Art
Pikachu will be wearing a green shirt for the Pokémon Go Safari Zone: Taipei.

There will be two new costumes for the mascot of the Pokémon franchise in Pokémon Go. Pikachu can be seen wearing a purple and green shirt in the leaked image.

According to reports from Pokémon Go Hub, the green shirt costume for Pikachu is exclusive to a Pokémon Go Safari Zone: Taipei event. During the event players may also encounter Pachirisu, a regional Pokémon found in the Arctic Hemisphere, which includes parts of Canada, Alaska and Russia.

The Pokémon Go Safari Zone: Taipei will be happening in October this year. Players can encounter the Pikachu wearing the green shirt for one year from the start of the event as it is in celebration of the cooperation between Pokémon Air Adventures and Taipei City.

We assume that the purple shirt costume for Pikachu will also be part of a similar Pokémon Go Safari Zone event in another location.

New Sun and Moon Pokémon

Pokemon Go Art
Fans have been expecting Cosmoem to be added to the game since the start of September.

Fans have been expecting Cosmoem to be added to the game at some point as the Cosmog was added at the beginning of September. Players currently cannot evolve Cosmog but it should come as a relief that the model for Cosmoem is already in the game.

Morelull is a dual-type grass/fairy Pokémon that looks like a mushroom with three caps. Morelull specializes in sleep attacks. It evolves into Shiinotic at level 24 in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Fans of Cosmoem and Morelull should expect them to be added to Pokémon Go as the Season of Light is still ongoing. There are a lot of events where these new Pokémon can be introduced into the game.

We will be keeping you posted if these Pokémon are sighted in the wild.

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