Cory Barlog asks fans to chill out and wait for God of War: Ragnarok news

One of the main guys behind 2018's God of War and its sequel has finally broken his silence about the upcoming follow-up.

Cory Barlog has played a significant role in every mainline God of War game. So, when Cory talks, everybody tends to listen. Now, the God of War: Ragnarok producer has asked fans to "be patient" following rumors of a release date reveal for the highly anticipated sequel that will be coming on the 30th.

Our theory is that either Ragnarok still isn't ready to be shown off or Sony is waiting on something before they do it.

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It appears that Barlog has had it with industry insiders making noise, claiming to know more about Ragnarok than the general, and to be honest, can you blame him?

Here is the entirety of Barlog's tweet:

God of War: Ragnarok has trended on Twitter for the past two weeks thanks to a tweet from the anonymous leaker, The Snitch, that pretty much "confirms" that some form of God of War announcement is coming on the 30th. Since then, several other industry insiders have chimed in with their own sources. Some are saying that we're getting a brand-new trailer, a release date, pre-order details, as well as the Collector's Edition, for Ragnarok, before this month ends. Meanwhile, just recently, we found out that the Ragnarok news we're getting sometime today (or tomorrow, depending on where you live) is only a blog post with zero new footage. Either way, these are all baseless rumors that might or might not happen.

Ultimately, the only thing that's guaranteed for now from official sources is that the God of War sequel is coming out this year. The only question is, when is Ragnarok hitting store shelves?

Having said that, Barlog does seem eager to share more Ragnarok info. The fact that he is not able to do it suggests that this is all out of his hands, which is expected since Ragnarok has the potential to be the best-selling God of War game of all time.

We're hoping that Kratos' eventual tussle with Thor is just as bloody as his game-spanning brawl with Baldur.

Hopefully, we do get a release date reveal for God of War: Ragnarok soon. If not, we're okay with that as well. Santa Monica Studio has more than earned the benefit of the doubt after its 2018 outing. The least that we can do is to leave Kratos be so that he can polish his axe in peace while we wait for his eventual showdown with the rest of the Norse pantheon.

For now, fans can look forward to upcoming PS exclusives like Stray and Forspoken, which are coming out on July 19 and October 11, respectively.

Ray Ampoloquio
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