Corey Graves wants to see Bad Bunny vs Logan Paul happen in Puerto Rico

Corey Graves sees a match between the two celebrity wrestlers as a lucrative potential headliner for the WWE.

This year's WWE Backlash PPV in Puerto Rico was filled with highlight-worthy moments, including Bad Bunny's performance against his fellow Puerto Rican, Damian Priest. The event was so successful that it generated rumors that Backlash should be held permanently in Puerto Rico every year with Carlito also said to be working with the WWE on a potentially long-term deal. But, amidst all of these talks, someone with influence with the WWE pitched an idea that could one-up what happened this year.

Logan Paul appears to have found a new home for himself with the WWE.

According to WWE commentator, Corey Graves, a showdown between Logan Paul and Bad Bunny would be a cash cow for the WWE.

A face-off between these two popular celebrities, given their vast fan base, would undoubtedly generate a ton of interest and earnings for the wrestling promotion.

Seeing Bad Bunny every year at WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico wouldn't be the worst idea, regardless of whether or not he'll feud against Logan Paul.

Logan Paul, a controversial internet personality turned professional boxer turned professional wrestler, has gone from dabbling in WWE to becoming one of its biggest stars. After signing a new contract with the WWE, fans are expecting Paul to use his natural charisma and athleticism to achieve even bigger things. On the other hand, Bad Bunny, an award-winning Puerto Rican rapper and songwriter, came to the WWE around the same time as Paul and has appeared in several events since.

Both these celebrities have proven their prowess inside the ring and their ability to draw in large crowds. Paul, for example, challenged Roman Reigns at last year's Crown Jewel event where he put on quite the show.

So, putting both of these celebrities head-to-head is a business opportunity that's too tempting to ignore. This spectacular match would be a lucrative venture for the WWE and a treat for fans who crave the intersection of sports, entertainment, and pop culture.

Logan Paul hasn't appeared in the WWE since WrestleMania 39.

Corey Graves sees the potential for a kind of electricity that can only come when two charismatic figures like Paul and Bad Bunny clash. It isn't just a wrestling match; it's a high-profile event that transcends wrestling's traditional boundaries.

While the idea is still very in the realm of speculation, it's impossible not to feel excited imagining about this epic face-off. Regardless of when it might happen, one thing is for certain - a WWE match between Logan Paul and Bad Bunny is pure "money".

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