Controversial 'Six Days in Fallujah' Game To Release in 2021

Originally announced in 2009, the controversial 'Six Days in Fallujah' game quickly made a name for itself for all the wrong reasons.

The game was developed by Atomic Games (Close Combat and V for Victory) with Konami signing on as the publisher. However, it didn't take long following its initial announcement to draw the ire of multiple groups. The backlash eventually forced Konami to drop out, with Atomic Games closing down not too long after.

More than a decade later though, it seems like one particular developer is willing to give the title another shot.

Now being developed as a tactical first-person military shooter, the controversial video game will be developed by Highwire Games.

The company was founded by Halo and Infamous game designer, Jaime Greisemer, along with Marty O'Donnell, who worked as the audio director and composer on Halo and Destiny. Meanwhile, Peter Tamte, former Bungie vice president, will return with his newly-founded company, Victura, who has committed to publishing the game.

What Is The Six Days of Fallujah About?

During the 2003 Iraq War, the United States military took and held the city of Fallujah. The city, which is located in Al Anbar, a province in Iraq, drew countless fighters from all around the world. The resulting conflict put the lives of many civilians in jeopardy. It also resulted in the deaths of numerous private military contractors, in particular, those from Blackwater USA.

The war itself is mired in controversy and was covered extensively by numerous media outlets from all over the globe.

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In a new release, former Marine Sergeant Eddie Garcia, the man who originally proposed the idea for the game back in 2005, said that "video games can help all of us understand real-world events in ways other media can't".

In addition to this, the current publishers also issued a statement:

Highwire Games' take on the widely controversial shooter is expected to arrive on PC platforms, as well as an unspecific console, sometime in 2021.

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