A Control Multiplayer Spinoff and Sequel Is In the Works

Remedy Entertainment wants you to bring friends along and return to the Oldest House, while mentioning a Control sequel for the first time.

Control is one of the most complicated games available today (in a good way) and is filled with strange monstrous levels that no one can seem to make it out of. So it shouldn't come off as a surprise that Control is getting a multiplayer spin-off from the long-rumored sequel.

Control Multiplayer Spinoff
Control just confirmed that a Control multiplayer spinoff and sequel is in the works, on top of its previously confirmed projects.

When is the Control Multiplayer Spinoff Going to Release?

Control Multiplayer Spinoff
Remedy Entertainment has a busy few years ahead of itself.

Remedy Entertainment confirmed their next two games in an official blog post released on Tuesday, June 29.

The Game Director of the Control franchise, Mikael Kasurinen, dubbed the upcoming Control multiplayer spinoff as Project Condor. The way Mikael described the game makes it feel very much like a Left 4 Dead-like 4-player co-op game set in the Control universe. However, other than referring to it as an expression of how much bigger the world of Control can be, Mikael purposely left out other major details.

TLDR; We don't know the name, date, price, or story of the upcoming multiplayer Control spin-off.

If it's any consolation, what we do know is that it will be a next-gen exclusive title. It will release on the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S/X. This isn't surprising. Remedy Entertainment is one of the few studios to outright claim that making cross-gen games is difficult.

Also, Control will be built using the same engine that Remedy used for Control. This, plus the next-gen exclusivity, suggests that the Control multiplayer spin-off will look amazing.

Surprisingly enough, the Control multiplayer spin-off won't be published by Epic. Even though Epic is funding games set in the Remedy Connected Universe, instead the new title will be published by 505 games. At the same time, 505 Games and Remedy are also working together on a "bigger-budget" Control game.

Speaking of Remedy Entertainment, Control isn't the only franchise that the Finland-based developer is working on. At the moment, it's working with Smilegate on CrossfireX. A remastered version of its 2010 title, Alan Wake, was also spotted on the Epic Games Store a few weeks ago.

Suffice to say that Remedy Entertainment has its hands full for the coming years.

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