Control is the Latest Epic Games Store Freebie

After a couple of weeks of less-than-stellar freebies, the Epic Games Store is starting June off strong with Remedy Entertain's supernatural action-adventure title, Control.

Control Epic Games Store Freebie
Epic is free to download on the Epic Games Store from June 10 to June 17.

Control, which normally costs $23.99 on the Epic Games Store, will displace Frostpunk as the latest Epic Games Store Freebie. It will be available starting June 10 until June 17. After this, Hell is Other Demons and Overcooked 2 will be the next Epic Games Store freebie on June 17.

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Control Epic Games Store Freebie
Control makes for the second AAA title available for free on the Epic Games Store in as many months after May's NBA 2K21.

The mind-bending third-person shooter was one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2019. Control ended up winning numerous awards like the Golden Joystick and GAFTA gong. Numerous publications like GamesRadar and IGN also named Control as their Game of the Year for 2019.

Remedy Entertainment later released two DLC story expansions for Control, The Foundation, and AWE. The latter connected Control to Remedy's cult classic title, Alan Wake.

Earlier this year, Control received next-gen enhancements for the Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5. In addition to this, Remedy Entertainment also announced that Epic is funding two games that will be set in the Remedy Connected Universe, which currently includes both Alan Wake and Control.

It'll be interesting to see if making Control free on the Epic Games Store is part of a larger effort to drum up hype for the announcement of Remedy Entertainment's Epic-funded games.

Epic seems all-in on sticking it to Steam. Even though Valve's video game digital distribution service is the market leader in the PC market, it's become much more difficult to ignore Epic's own platform. After it was launched in December 2018, Epic's efforts have attracted over 160 million PC users to the Epic Games Store.

Not that it has come cheap though. Epic is estimated to have spent nearly $12 million over a nine-month period to secure free games to give away. This information comes from a document released in the middle of the legal battle between Apple and Epic. Epic might have already spent more since then.

According to the aforementioned document, Epic spent $1.5 million to secure Batman Arkham Collection and $1.4 million for Subnautica just to give it away. It is unknown how much Epic paid to give Control and NBA 2K21 away to PC users.

With that said, for now, you might want to hurry up and claim the current freebie, Frostpunk. Once the promotion is over and has been replaced by Control, you won't be able to redeem Frostpunk. If it helps, you don't necessarily have to download the game. So, if you don't have space for it, for some reason, you can just claim the free title and add it to your library for future use.

In addition to giving away Control for free on the Epic Games Store, Epic is also giving away a free redeemable code for Genshin Impact.

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