How to Complete 'Memory of Sai Mota' and Unlock Deathbringer in Destiny 2

The Memory of Sai Mota is an exotic quest in Destiny 2 that rewards you with the legendary exotic rocket launcher, Deathbringer.

Deathbringer Overview, Perks and Stats
Deathbringer Overview, Perks and Stats

If that sounds awesome, let me take you through the long-drawn-out process of unlocking the Deathbringer. The lengthy, involved quest chain starts with the Memory of Sai Mota quest, which you'll get after you play through the entire Shadowkeep campaign.

Deathbringer is quite different from other rocket launchers in Destiny 2. You hold down the trigger to charge it and let go to release void orbs. These void orbs will track down enemies and the further they fall, the more powerful the detonation will be. It’s not called an “exotic” item for no reason. It’s called “exotic” because most people can’t unlock it. But once you spend some time and go through the long and tedious process, the reward will be a blast, quite literally.


The first thing you need to do is complete the Shadowkeep quest before you can even unlock the next steps.

shadowkeep quest
Complete the Shadowkeep quest first

While there are no other hard and fast preparations that you need to make before starting the questline, we recommend you to be at least at 900 power level. Deathbringer is a +5 powerful drop, which means it will drop at five power levels higher than what your potential power level it. If you aren't at least 900 power level, you'd be wasting a powerful weapon.

How to Unlock Deathbringer in Destiny 2?

1) Accept the bounty "Lunar Spelunker" in which you'll explore three of the four Lost Sectors on the Moon. At the end of Archer's Line at the K1 Logistics in the western area of the moon, kill the bosses and loot the chest. Next, you can visit the Anchor of Light and find the K1 Communion toward the east. Make sure you kill all the adds as well to make it through to the chest. Finally, you'll head to Hellmouth at the K1 Crew Quarters. The entrance will be a tunnel inside of a white building with Aeronautics of China logo on it. Follow the same method of killing the bosses and looting the chest to finish up the bounty.

Complete the Lunar Spelunker bounty
Complete the Lunar Spelunker bounty

2) Once you've completed Lunar Spelunker, you'll be awarded a Firewall Data Fragment. Teleport to Sorrow's Harbor and proceed through the Lost Sector. For this portion, you can run through and skip the enemies, it isn't required that you complete the Lost Sector to advance. Head toward the core vault location in the K1 Revelation Lost Sector. Keep a lookout on the right side of the map for what looks like a large, broken walkway. Jump up and walk through where you'll find an encrypted glass door that needs your data fragment to unlock. Do so, and you'll be awarded Sai Mota's Broken Necklace.

Firewall Data Fragments
Firewall Data Fragments

3)  The next step in the Memory of Sai Mota quest requires you to kill Nightmares with Arc abilities. Many players have reported being stumped on this part of the quest. Take note, the enemies need to be yellow bar Nightmares and the kills should be done using your arc abilities; an arc weapon or normal melee attacks won't count! Also, make sure that you deal the killing blow or you won't make progress when going after bosses with a team. To make things easier try to use your grenades or supers to finish them off nicely. You can also use Nightmare Hunts if you've unlocked them. If not, just kill the Nightmares that spawn around Sorrow's Harbor. A Major will award you with two necklace scraps, and an Ultra will award you with three. You'll need a total of twenty to advance.

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Nightmares in Sorrow's Harbor
Kill 20 Nightmares, often found in Sorrow's Harbor

Once you've hit the mark, congratulate yourself and then return to Eris in the sanctuary through the portal at the south of the moon. Return the necklace and enjoy the cut scene that follows.  Open the chest for your reward, as well as the next quest step, Faculties of the Skull.

4)Eris will send you to the Circle of Bones, which is found by heading to the Hellmouth and going underground. You can now activate a quest marker for the Faculties of Skull mission.

Circle of Bones
Circle of Bones

5) Visit Eris again, and now you'll be completing Marrow's Elegy. Do the Hellmouth public events for Festering Bones, do K1 Revelation for Ritualistic Bones, and find the wandering Bone Collector for the Bone Collector's Marrow. Generally, this spawns in the Anchor of Light so start your search around there for the Bone Collector's location.

Kill the Bone Collector for the Bone Collector's Marrow

6) Next, you're going to defeat High Conductor Sulmakta from the Scarlett Keep strike.  Play until you are riding the elevator, and exit at the second stop to find Sulmakta.

7) After finishing Scarlett Keep strike, you'll need to do three steps to finish "Of Darkest Harmony". They involve killing a lot of enemies, specifically:

  •  700 normal enemies
  • 110 elites and mini-bosses
  • 50 guardians

(Note: completing these kills on the moon will award bonus progress)

8) Now that you've collected the aforementioned enemies' screams by killing them. You'll go back to the Circle of Bones for another quest. Go to the Catacombs to hunt the Deathsinger. You'll be prompted to "Survive the Arias" which are enemies that sing 60-second arias. Defeat them within that time limit, and just damage them normally to lower the shields they have. Watch for the debuffs, and take care to remove them by destroying the corresponding wizard's shield.  Finally, defeat Ir Airam, Deathsinger. The recommended gear score for this mission is 920, but the consensus is that this fight may be easier than that and so you shouldn't worry if you aren't quite at that score when you begin.

9) Now that the skull is powered, take it and return to Eris for your Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher. Enjoy one of the most unique weapons in the game that shoots projectiles that fire void orbs. Shoot as high up as you can, for the longer the orbs fall, the more damage they do.

Deathbringer in Action
Deathbringer in Action
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