Community Feedback to Play Key Role on First Biomutant Patch

Experiment 101, the indie studio behind the polarizing Kung-fu fable RPG, Biomutant, has quickly found itself in an unenviable position of having a game that's potentially good but is mired by a lot of issues that prevents it from being as good as it is.

The first Biomutant patch will address many of the game's issues based on community feedback.

Biomutant was first released on May 25, 2021, and since then, it has divided gamers across all platforms.

With that said, Experiment 101 seems intent on addressing all the criticism. In fact, the first Biomutant patch will make changes to the game based on community feedback.

When Is the First Biomutant Patch Going to Arrive?

For what it's worth, Biomutant isn't actually a bad game. Here's to hoping that the first Biomutant patch helps turn it into a good one.

Biomutant is arguably the most ambitious game to release this year. So, naturally, it was going to be met with some criticism. However, Experiment 101 probably didn't expect the amount of press the game has gotten.

So far, critics and audiences alike have had a lot to say about Biomutant. People are complaining about everything from the performance disparity across consoles, the slow dialogue pacing, the inability to adjust the omnipresent and ever-knowing narrator, as well as the game's difficulty, among many others. But, despite the onslaught of negative publicity, Experiment 101 wants to make Biomutant the best possible version that it can be.

Thus, Experiment 101 has confirmed on the game's official Twitter account that it's going to take the community feedback to heart for the first Biomutant patch.

Unfortunately, Experiment 101 did not reveal when the first Biomutant patch is coming. However, many are still happy knowing that a studio like an Experiment 101 is willing to listen and improve its game based on what its target audience is saying. Most are hopeful that the first Biomutant patch will address the "weightless" combat system and the lackluster visuals, especially on next-gen consoles and more powerful desktops.

What's Next for Biomutant?

Biomutant is currently a mixed bag. Reviewers are either saying that it's good or bad or a game that has the potential to go either way. However, flawed as it is, a lot of fans seem to like Biomutant enough to wonder if there is going to be a DLC or expansion released for Biomutant.

For now, this doesn't seem like the priority for Experiment 101 or THQ Nordic.

According to the game's publisher, THQ Nordic, the studio is busy making Biomutant better and improving it. Thus, anyone hoping to see more Biomutant DLC will want to pray that the first Biomutant patch goes well. Otherwise, if Biomutant doesn't improve, then don't expect to see any future Biomutant DLC or expansion anytime soon if ever.

Ray Ampoloquio
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