Coffin Dance Meme Easter Egg in Die Maschine - Black Ops Cold War: Zombies Guide

This is easily the funniest and most entertaining easter egg in the new Black Ops Cold War: Zombies map, Die Maschine. If you manage to complete this easter egg, which is extremely easy and takes about 1 minute by following this guide, then you can expect to see something exciting and also receive some high-tier loot, including a free Jugger-Nog perk!

Coffin Dance EE Die Maschine Featured

This easter egg is known as the Coffin Dance easter egg, a homage to a recent meme that circulated the internet based around the Nigerian Pallbearers, who dance with a casket on their shoulders, on their way to the burial site.

Similarly, we can experience the same in the new Black Ops Cold War: Zombies Die Maschine map. The only difference is that the dancers are your zombies. To trigger the easter egg, you need to find 5 orbs hidden around the particle accelerator room (Pack-A-Punch room). You must shoot all of these orbs. It can be done in any order.

When you are near these orbs, they make a really subtle, distinct sound. It sounds like some sort vibration, you won't miss it. Once you shoot an orb, it disappears, and the sound is gone. This confirms that one orb is done, and you should move on to the next.

To begin, make sure you've turned on the power and forged your Pack-A-Punch machine, or else it won't work. Feel free to check our guide on how to do that. Note that you do not need to have a Pack-A-Punched weapon to shoot these orbs. You can shoot them using any regular weapon.

Video Guide

Orb 1

The first orb is found between the two long control panels on the right side of the power button room. Go up the stairs from the right-hand side and look behind the fallen chair. There will be an orb there. Shoot it, and it should disappear.

Orb 2

Go back down the stairs, and look directly below the power button room. You will see some metallic fencing, or a barrier, of some sort. Look inside and you should see another orb. Shoot it and move to the next one.

Orb 3

The next orb can be found directly below the Arsenal (Armor Stand) platform. Look directly in front of the Arsenal and mantle over the stair fence to land on a huge metallic box. Check under the stairs/platform to see another light-blue glowing orb.

Orb 4

This orb is a bit hard to see sometimes if the barrier is not broken. There is a barrier located underneath the Pack-A-Punch platform where the zombies can come from. If you go to the barrier, you will see the light-blue, glowing orb in the barrier's top left corner. If the zombies break it, then you will be able to see it much clearly.

Orb 5

The final orb is right above the hole in the wall, which is beside the set of stairs that lead you into the hanging-missile room. It is quite far up there, so try to get a better angle by climbing up on an elevated surface.

Coffin Dance & Rewards

Once you've collected the final orb, you and your teammates (if playing with friends) will automatically be teleported to the Dark Aether, where you will find that the zombies are dancing and having a party.

Most importantly, you will find the coffin dancer zombies who will keep on dancing and gradually walk to the middle of the platform.

When these dancers reach the middle, you will be teleported back to the real world, and the box that was carried by them is now available for you to loot.

When you open the box you will get many goodies, including high-grade salvage, common salvage, high-tier weapons, and a high chance to get a free Jugger-Nog perk. You also have a good chance of finding a Raygun in here.

This is an excellent way of saving your points in the early rounds as you can get the Jugger-Nog perk for free instead of purchasing it from the machine for 3,500 points.

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