Cody Rhodes clarifies comments about The Rock and Seth Rollins

The American Nightmare clarified his comments from earlier this month about the WWE, The Rock, and Seth Rollins.

Cody Rhodes has been making headlines for the past couple of years in one way or another. His incredible talent, propelling his career resurgence, certainly plays into it, but so does his knack for giving candid answers to interview questions.

Cody Rhodes Clarifies The Rock Comments But Doubles Down On His Seth Rollins Opinion
The WWE is a business and Cody Rhodes knows it

After shaking up the WWE community earlier this month by saying the WWE doesn’t really need The Rock, he clarified his comments. His initial statement didn't sound malicious or anything, he was just trying to support the current WWE roster of which he is a part of, but people still took his words and ran with it.

With all the respect in the world to one of the GOATs The Rock, it looks like the options we have here within the roster are even better because of the stories that are happening."

Yesterday he sat down with Sports Illustrated to talk about the upcoming WrestleMania 39 after winning the 2023 Royal Rumble, and this is what he had to say about the catchy headlines he created:

I said the other day, and I said it in a pretty nice way, ‘all respect to the Rock, I like what we have.’ I’m going to walk that one back. WrestleMania is amazing. If Rock decides to come to WrestleMania, please. Simply because, we’re able to have WrestleMania because of someone like The Rock, and Rock was able to have WrestleMania because of somebody like (Hulk) Hogan, and because of the Dustys [Dusty Rhodes], the Flairs [Ric Flair], the Pipers [Roddy Piper].

Our industry doesn’t just exist, the content is so important in keeping it healthy and keeping it going and respecting these long-time fans. I hope I didn’t talk out of turn because I absolutely adore The Rock and would love it if he was present in any setting. His family is massively important to what we do and if Rock decides to show up to WrestleMania, Hollywood would love that. I will say, if Rock doesn’t come to WrestleMania, we have an unbelievable card, if not the best ever, at the biggest ever in terms of the financials, the gates, two days in Hollywood. It’s a win-win.

But the same couldn't be said about his relationship with a former coworker and onscreen rival, Seth Rollins. The two haven't been on good terms since the American Nightmare came back to WWE after a six-year hiatus for WrestleMania 38. He recently shared his feelings on the latest episode of the My Mom’s Basement podcast, claiming he felt like an outsider in the WWE locker room and that Seth Rollins is viewing him only as an asset.

And then I was met with the ultimate individual Seth Rollins, who’s carrying RAW and just so good and for him to not look at me as the enemy but for him to look at me as an asset. And Seth and I genuinely, if you ask him the same thing, if he was sitting in this chair he’d tell you, he doesn’t like me, I don’t like Seth. We’re not gonna get along ever. However, the utmost respect for him. And for him to look at me as an asset made me not worry about what anyone else was thinking.

The mutual distaste is understandable, especially from ‌Seth Rollins' side. Him and Cody Rhodes have duked it out on three separate occasions and the American Nightmare has emerged victorious all three times. This was Rhodes’ last feud before suffering an injury that sidelined him for a few months of action, including the WWE Hell in a Cell 2022. Now, Cody is back and challenging Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Universal Title at WrestleMania 39.

He took The Rock’s spot against Roman Reigns at the showcase of the immortals, so people were understandably looking a bit deeper at his initial comments. Triple H doesn't have faith in seeing the Rock at WrestleMania 39 but another well-known name in Tyson Fury is looking to make a comeback. The 2023 WWE SummerSlam that’s headed to Detroit might be a good opportunity for this but WWE's plans for Cody Rhodes' comeback at WrestleMania 39 should keep you entertained until then.

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