CoD Warzone Rebirth Island Event Guide: Challenges and Rewards

Black Ops Cold War has just been integrated into Warzone, making for a total of three Call of Duty titles that are out right now and available along with Modern Warfare.

Having said that, a new limited-time event was also added to Warzone in the form of Rebirth Island.

You'll find our Rebirth Island Event Guide below, complete with details surrounding the challenges involved in the latest event to hit Warzone, as well as all the rewards that you can potentially collect.

Rebirth Island Event Challenges and Rewards

With as many as 32 unique points of interest, the Rebirth Island map might be smaller, but it's definitely not less packed with content.

The Rebirth Island event introduces 16 different challenges for Warzone players to complete.

The best thing about completing these challenges in the Rebirth Island event is that all the rewards you receive for completing the challenges will benefit from the cross-progression system between Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Keep in mind that the event is available only until January 4th, so you better start playing Rebirth Island!

Here are all the challenges in Rebirth Island, as well as each challenge's corresponding reward:

  • BRB Calling Card - Pilot a vehicle for 20 minutes
  • Loading... Calling Card - Destroy 1 vehicle carrying enemies
  • Soviet Space Program Calling Card - Get 2 Kills or Assists while riding inside a vehicle
  • Shooting Star Emblem - Collect your loadout 20 times
  • Experimentation Calling Card - Complete 30 contracts (any)
  • Corrosive Charm - Buy 30 Killstream items
  • Brother Bear Emblem - Open 100 crates
  • Again! Sticker - Collect 200 piles of Plunder from the ground
  • Thunder Bolts Emblem - Get a kill before the first circle closes (1 time)
  • Heroic Sacrifice Calling Card - Get 300 kills using a "Common" weapon
  • Hazard Warning Sticker - Get 30 kills using a "Legendary" weapon
  • Rebirth Emblem - Place in the Top 30% (5 times)
  • Familiar Fortress - Place in the Top 30% (15 times)
  • Noxious Light Machine Gun Blueprint - Place in the Top 30% (30 times)
  • Reborn Charm - Kill 100 downed enemies
  • Red Bear: Use 50 Armor Plates
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It should already go without saying, but the only way to complete these challenges is to play on the Rebirth Island event.

Playing outside of the event doesn't contribute to any of the challenges nor will you be receiving any reward.

What Is Rebirth Island?

Rebirth Island is a new map introduced to Warzone in Season 1. The main difference between the new map and the default map is that only a total of 40 players can play in-game. This results in faster-paced combat.

Inside the new map, you'll have access to everything else that you normally would, albeit the map size will be a lot smaller.

Despite the smaller map size, the developers still managed to squeeze in a couple of easter eggs. This includes this Yellow Door that you can find on the map.

The Rebirth Island map is expected to be made available permanently along with the main Warzone map to help give players multiple options as far as map size and playstyle goes (larger and methodical vs compact and chaotic).

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