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Just like other Battle Royale games, Warzone has a loot system that requires players to search buildings and supply boxes for weapons and items. If you're coming from other Call of Duty games, note that the inventory system in Warzone works very differently.

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When first dropping in Warzone you are given a pistol. That won't be nearly enough to win, and you'll need to start looting quickly to gear up and have any chance of surviving.

This guide will walk you through all the items available in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Types of Supply Boxes

There are three ways that you can loot items in Warzone by default. These are via Supply Boxes, Special Supply Boxes and Buy Stations. Additionally, you can loot players you eliminate.

Supply Boxes

Supply Boxes are crates that are spread throughout the map and contain various items. They have a different rarity, indicated by the box color and these rarity levels affect the loot inside.

Green means Uncommon, Blue means Rare, Purple is Epic and Gold means Legendary.

Special Supply Boxes

Special Supply Boxes can be accessed only by doing Scavenger Contract missions. They contain high quality items. Look for a magnifying glass on your map to start a Scavenger Contract mission.

Buy Stations

Buy Stations are spread through out the Verdansk map where you can use your in-game currency to buy different items such as Armor Plates, Killstreaks and Loadout Drops.


The following are the different types of items you can loot in Warzone.


Cash is a virtual in-game currency that you can use to purchase items at the Buy Station. You earn cash by finding it as Ground Loot, in Supply Boxes, eliminating and looting enemy players and by completing Contract Missions.

Note that your cash only lasts for that match. You will always start your next match will zero cash.

Armor Plates

Armor Plates provide extra protection from damage. Warzone does not offer you any helmet or bullet proof vest, and instead you have Armor Plates.

You can put on a maximum of three plates and each plate gives you an additional 50HP on top of the base 100HP. This means a total of 250HP when wearing three plates.

In addition to that, you can hold a maximum of five plates in your inventory. Armor Plates are found in Supply Boxes and as Ground Loot. You can also buy a set of five Armor Plates at the Buy Station for $1,500.


Different ammunition types can be found in either Supply Boxes or as Ground Loot. You can find AR/LMG Ammo, Pistol/SMG Ammo, Sniper Ammo, Shotgun Ammo and Launcher Ammo.


You can also find Lethal Equipment such as Sticky Bombs, Semtex Frags, Molotov Cocktails and Thermite. Molotov Cocktails and Thermite can also "stick" to the enemy, leading to higher damage. These can also be used to effectively destroy enemy vehicles. These items can be found not only in Supply Boxes, but also as Ground Loot.

Adding to this list of items, we also have triggered explosives which include C4, Claymores and Proximity Mines. Claymores have laser tripwires which can be triggered when an enemy player crosses them. Proximity Mines explode as soon as an enemy player either steps on or comes near them. C4 can be self-triggered manually after you place it.

Tactical Equipment

The Tactical Equipment category contains items that can be used for strategic purposes.

First off we have Flash Grenades, Stun Grenades and Gas Grenades. Flash Grenades turn the enemy player's screen bright white, rendering them blind. It also distorts their audio, making it difficult for them to hear. Stun Grenades slow the movement and aiming speed of enemies. Gas Grenades causes the enemy to have blurry vision along with decreased movement speed.

There are also Decoy and Smoke Grenades. Decoy Grenades are used to confuse your enemies. You can throw this grenade far away from your position as it simulates a fake gunfire. Your enemies will see the gunfire on their radars which can cause them to run towards that fake gunfire (and away from you).

Smoke Grenades are used to create a smokescreen. While thermal scopes can see through the smokescreen, none of the targeting devices such as PILA Missile Launcher work through the smoke.

We also have a Snapshot Grenade which is used to reveal enemy locations within the blast radius. It shows the profile for a couple of seconds before disappearing again and lets you see the location of the enemy players even through walls.

Throwing Knives

Throwing Knives also come under the Lethal Equipment list and are one of the deadliest weapons in the game. This is because they can insta-kill any enemy player regardless of their health or any armour they have on. Whenever you perform a melee attack with the Throwing Knife as your lethal equipment then it will be used in the attack, instead of your fists - this also insta-kills your opponents.

Heartbeat Sensor

Heartbeat Sensors are one of the most powerful pieces of equipment in Warzone. They are used to reveal the location of enemy players around you, but can only reveal the location of enemies of up to 40 meters away, at an angle of 180 degrees. It won't work on enemy players using the Ghost perk. Heartbeat Sensors can be found randomly in supply boxes or you can have it as a piece of tactical equipment in your custom loadout.


Your health automatically regenerates when you leave any combat situation, but this process is gradual and not instant. This is where Stims come in.

They give you an instant full health bar and replenish your tactical sprint.

Self-Revive Kits

You can use Self-Revive Kits to revive yourself when you are downed by an enemy player. You can find the Self-Revive Kit in a Supply Box, as Ground Loot or you can buy them at the Buy Station for $4,500.

Gas Masks

Gas Masks in Warzone are extremely useful, being used to avoid taking damage from the gas outside the circle.

When you have the Gas Mask in your inventory it will be automatically equipped it as soon as you are outside the safe zone.

The Mask only provides protection from the gas for roughly 12 seconds after which it breaks, and you will start receiving gas damage.

You will see a vertical bar when the mask is equipped, and the bar will deplete, indicating the time left in your Gas Mask before it breaks. You can find the Gas Mask in Legendary Supply Boxes or you can buy it for $3,000 from the Buy Station.

Loadout Drops

A Loadout Drop is a cargo crate which is randomly dropped in the game. You need to access this crate in order to equip one of your Custom Loadouts. You can also buy a Loadout Drop Marker for $6,000 from the Buy Station. Throw the marker and the crate will drop at the marked location.

Field Upgrades

Field Upgrades such as Dead Silence, Armor Box, Munitions Box and Recon Drone are additional pieces of equipment that can give you an edge. They operate on a cooldown mechanism and can be found in Supply Boxes. You can also set them in your Custom Loadout, so whenever you get a Loadout Drop, you will also get the Field Upgrade with it.

More Information on Field Upgrades can be found here.


Killstreaks are extremely powerful single-use tools in Call Of Duty: Warzone.

In traditional Call of Duty games, you get Killstreaks by racking up kills. However, in Warzone you need to buy the Killstreaks from the Buy Stations. You are also limited to a selection of only four Killstreaks: Shield Turret, UAV, Cluster Strike and Precision Airstrike. You can find our in-depth guide on killstreaks here.

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