Warzone Contracts Guide

Contracts in Call of Duty: Warzone are your primary source of income, allowing you to utilize buy stations, gain additional intel about the map and acquire powerful equipment giving you an advantage over your opponents.


Functionally similar to side-quests, you shouldn't make the mistake of ignoring contracts lest you fall behind in the game. In this guide, we'll look at how these objectives work and all three contract types.

You can accept contracts by interacting with the small cases adorned with the yellow symbols. They spawn randomly throughout the map and any given squad can only have one contract active at any time. An active contract applies to all three players in the squad, and you can only take on a new one if you complete it or if the timer expires. There are three contract types, providing different objectives and different rewards.

Your Contract Bonus stat will only increase by completing contracts and determines the amount and quality of the rewards you gain. Contract Bonus resets at the start of each match, with all players starting with a value of 1. Your first contract will give you basic rewards and only a few thousand in cash. The more contracts you complete, the more lucrative they become. With a Contract Bonus stat of 5 or above, you'll start seeing some very powerful rewards and a lot of cash.

Bounty Contracts

Bounty Contracts are indicated by a yellow target symbol. These are the simplest of the three contract types, since you task involves something you'd be doing anyway - killing other players. The difference here is that you need to eliminate a specific player from one of the opposing squads. When the contract is activated, you'll be given the name and approximate location of your target, and all members of the target's squad will be notified that they are being hunted.

You'll need to track down and kill your target within the couple minute timer provided. Successfully killing your target within the time limit will add more time to the timer and designate one of their other squad members as your next target. This cycle repeats a third time, and once you've killed the last enemy squad member the contract is complete. If your targets survive and you run out of time, they will get a reward instead of you.

You should be picking up a lot of Bounty Contracts, since they essentially reward you for doing what you should be doing anyway, making these contracts a great source of XP and loot.

Scavenger Contracts

Scavenger Contracts are indicated by yellow magnifying glass symbols. You are tasked with tracking down three supply crates in sequence. A crate will be marked on your map, and after you open it, the second one will be marked, then the third. The contract is only complete if you successfully open all three supply crates, however even if you don't manage to open them all, whatever loot you gain from the first one or two will stay yours.

This is a great way to stocking up on supplies, getting new weapons and earning some extra cash, even if you don't succeed in completing the whole contract.

Recon Contracts

Recon Contracts are marked by a yellow flag icon. These are potentially the most challenging contracts in the game, though that also depends on luck and enemy players - however, they can also be the most rewarding. A terminal will be marked on your map. By being in close proximity to the terminal, you begin an upload the speed of which depends on how many of your teammates are within range.

The moment the upload begins, a flare is shot up from the location alerting nearby players. You complete the contract by finishing the upload.

The perils of this contract come from the flare which indicates your location. Maybe other players don't notice, or are too busy with their own contracts, but chances are you'll have several squads bearing down on your position. We suggest that all three of you look for defensible positions within the upload radius and hunker down, expecting lots of incoming enemies.

Once you have completed your upload, not only are you rewarded with usual contract bonuses, but the next circle will be marked on your map, allowing you to go to the safe zone before the collapse, providing you with an advantageous tactical position. Smart teams can turn this advantage into victory. It goes without saying that, if you complete all the missions successfully, then you will be shown the location of the final circle!

Most Wanted Contract

Most Wanted contracts are similar to Bounty contracts in nature, but instead of putting a bounty on a player in an opposing squad, you put a bounty on yourself. Collecting the Most Wanted contract reveals your exact location on the map, which is visible to every player in the game. You can identify the contract by its unique icon, which is a crown shape.

The contract lasts for 3 minutes and the idea is obviously for other players to hunt you down. If you survive, you will not only be rewarded with some cash, but can also revive your whole team. All of your teammates who might be spectating will be revived and jump back into the action. The Most Wanted contract is worth it if you can survive it.

Supply Run Contract

Supply Run Contracts are also generated randomly, all across the map, the same as regular contracts. In Supply Run, you will be tasked to reach a specific Buy Station in a given time. If you manage to reach the Buy Station in the given time, you will get the same benefits as the Fire Sale.

Each player in your team will be able to buy one item at a discounted price. Self-Revives will also be free. Plus, you can re-deploy your fallen teammates for free.

Contraband Contract

The Contraband Contract is a rare contract in which you are asked to deliver a contraband briefcase to a specified destination. Once you reach the destination, you must call in a helicopter, similar to the Plunder cash deposit helicopter, and deliver the Contraband. The Contraband Contract randomly appears after the completion of one of the regular contracts.

Once you've delivered the contraband, you will unlock a unique weapon blueprint for free. You can find more information about this contract here.

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