New Cobra Kai season 5 clip shows Daniel LaRusso learning from Chozen

Chozen and Daniel LaRusso discuss how to defeat Terry Silver in a new Cobra Kai clip.

Netflix released the official trailer for the upcoming Cobra Kai season 5 on August 16. The studio has now followed that up with a new clip and the caption, "If you're going to attempt to take down a karate powerhouse like Cobra Kai, Chozen feels like a good place to start."

Cobra Kai Season Clip
Chozen teaches Daniel a lesson in new Cobra Kai season 5 clip.

The clip shows sensei LaRusso learning from his former rival, Chozen, as the OG Karate Kid prepares to confront Terry Silver.

In the clip, Chozen tells LaRusso about a Tang Soo Doo master, Kim Sun-Yung, whose style is controversial. When LaRusso asks what he means, Chozen offers to demonstrate, grabs him by the throat, and throws him to the floor. He proceeds to tell LaRusso how Kim Sun-Yung practices a deceptive style of the Korean martial arts technique that lacks honor and mercy.

Apparently, Silver has hired Master Kim to train him. Chozen then tells LaRusso that to stand a chance of defeating Silver, they have to use his style against him.

Cobra Kai Season Clip Daniel Larusso Learning Chozen
Sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire. In this case, help from a former villain is a great way to prepare yourself for a confrontation against your new nemesis.

Last season, we witnessed Silver's student, Tory Nichols, become champion under questionable circumstances. That event demonstrated Silver's ambition and proved that he'll stop at nothing to win. Hence, Silver's association with Master Kim is not surprising. We also witnessed Silver's final action of that season, which was to convince Stingray to frame Kreese for his life-threatening injuries, despite the fact that Silver was responsible for those injuries.

As a result, it is now LaRusso's responsibility to see an end to Silver's reign and chase him out of New York.

The new season will see the return of Mike Barnes who played the villain in The Karate Kid Part III. It will also feature a new cast member, Alicia Hannah-Kim, in the role of Kim Da-Eun, a new Cobra Kai sensei.

Cobra Kai season 5 will be available to fans on September 9. If the trailer - and hype - is anything to go by, it promises to be an exciting experience for fans of the series. Given the success of the show's fourth season and the anticipation surrounding the upcoming season, you can't blame the show's creators for already working on another season.

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