Cobra Kai Season 4 spoilers have started popping up online

Cobra Kai co-creator Hayden Schlossberg asks fans to wait for the fourth season's official Netflix launch amidst all the spoilers online.

Cobra Kai's fourth season isn't set to launch on Netflix until December 31. However, spoilers have already begun appearing online. In light of this, Cobra Kai's co-creator has asked fans to try avoiding the spoilers and/or, for those that have already seen the leaked images going around, not to share them with other fans.

Cobra Kai Season Spoilers
Cobra Kai fans might want to stay away from social media for the next few days.

Schlossberg asks fans to "keep their blinders on"

Cobra Kai Season Spoilers
With a fifth season and spin-offs already confirmed, the modern-day revival of the Karate Kid series is in full swing.

As we've learned from the official trailer for Season 4, Cobra Kai is going to explore Daniel and Johnny's team-up as they set their difference aside to fight against the Kresse-led Cobra Kai. With Kreese asking for Terry Silver's help to take out the competition, the fourth Cobra Kai season is shaping up to be the popular series' best yet.

Unfortunately, as fans eagerly await for Netflix to release Season 4, a handful of fans found themselves spoiled with information about what's to come.

Several photos depicting scenes and scenarios from Season 4 have begun spreading through social media these past few days. Most of these contain important plot details, prompting a frustrated Hayden Schlossberg to beg fans to avoid them if possible.

Cobra Kai was initially a YouTube Red series before being acquired by Netflix in 2019. The sequel to the 1980's hit series, The Karate Kid, sees Daniel LaRusso and William Zabka reprise their roles as Daniel and Johnny, respectively. However, unlike the earlier films, much of the story follows Johnny in his quest to try and become a better man. Although the two do end up reigniting their teenage rivalry in later episodes, the fourth season, as we've already mentioned, will see them work together for the greater good.

With their dojo on the line against Kresse at the next All Valley Tournament, Johnny and Daniel will need to make sure that their students are ready to take on all comers.

TLDR; fans have a reason to feel excited ahead of Season 4's premiere on December 31.

In other Cobra Kai news, Daniel just confirmed that 2010's The Karate Kid remake is not part of the franchise's universe. Meanwhile, filming of Season 5 has officially wrapped up, hinting at an earlier release date for the series' fifth season.

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