Cobra Kai Season 4 gets a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes

Cobra Kai Season 4 is the most critically acclaimed season of Netflix's original series yet with a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The fourth season of Cobra Kai is finally here and it appears that critics can't help but show some love to the latest season of the sequel to Karate Kid.

Cobra Kai Season Perfect Score Rotten Tomatoes
Cobra Kai Season 4 just secured the future of the series on Netflix with its critical success.

If you look over at the official page of Cobra Kai Season 4 on Rotten Tomatoes, Cobra Kai is currently sitting on a 100% score from 26 critic reviews. Meanwhile, it holds an average of a 92% audience score from 349 user ratings. This makes it the most successful season of Cobra Kai yet, which should bode well for the future of the series and the show's overall universe.

What's next for the Miyagiverse after Season 4?

Cobra Kai Season Perfect Score Rotten Tomatoes
Cobra Kai Season 4 explored a lot of potential storylines that set up multiple seasons for the series.

Earlier this year, we found out that Cobra Kai is just one of the many "sequels" that are currently in development or planning. The so-called Miyagiverse, which started with 1984's Karate Kid, is going to expand, sooner or later. But, if Cobra Kai keeps up its current run of critical and commercial success (and if all the franchise-based apparel sells well), we might just get to see more of the Miyagiverse sooner.

Interestingly, Cobra Kai has not always been this successful. It was only just recently that YouTube Red sold the rights to the series after two seasons. After Netflix acquired Cobra Kai before its third season premiered, most audiences didn't know what to make of it. But, now that the fourth season has been met with such success, fans can't seem to get enough.

Cobra Kai Season Perfect Score Rotten Tomatoes
We definitely haven't seen the last of Kreese nor Silver in Cobra Kai.

For the few who haven't had a chance to watch Cobra Kai yet, it's a sequel series to 1994's The Next Karate Kid. However, the story mostly revolves around the main characters of the 1984 film. Johnny Lawrence, who used to be Cobra Kai's brightest student, apparently couldn't move on following his loss to Daniel LaRusso, leading him to squander the rest of his days and work odd jobs while spending most of the day either drunk or hungover. But, things change when Lawrence crosses paths with a bullied teenager named Miguel who he decides to mentor and train.

After the first three seasons explore the reignited rivalry between Lawrence and LaRusso, the fourth season sees the two of them work together against John Kreese and Terry Silver from 1989's The Karate Kid Part III.

Having said that, fans can already look forward to a fifth season after it finished filming earlier this year. Furthermore, a sixth season is assumed to be in the works as well.

Judging by how the fourth season of Cobra Kai ended and teased even more familiar faces that will come in future episodes, the future is indeed bright for Cobra Kai and the Miyagiverse. It's just a shame that we won't get a chance to see Jackie Chan or Jaden Smith's characters make an appearance at all. Then again, who knows? The showrunners might bring in Jackie for a cameo appearance as his celebrity self.

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