Cobra Kai Season 3 recap video prepares audiences for Season 4

Netflix is getting in on the Season 4 countdown of Cobra Kai with a recap of everything that happened in Season 3.

After nearly a year of waiting, Cobra Kai's fourth season is finally here. Well, almost. In the lead-up to Season 4's premiere on December 31st, Netflix decided to drop a recap showcasing some of the most important scenes and happenings from the previous season to help prep fans who might not have had a chance to binge-watch the first three seasons of Cobra Kai.

Cobra Kai Season Recap Video
Netflix wants to make sure that all Cobra Kai fans are up to speed ahead of Season 4's premiere.

Are you ready for Cobra Kai Season 4?

Cobra Kai Season Recap Video
The early critic reviews of Cobra Kai Season 4 suggest another big win for the Netflix-exclusive series.

Cobra Kai has been one of Netflix's biggest shows ever since it made the jump from YouTube Red. The series, which is a sequel to the 1980s classic series of movies, The Karate Kid, sees Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence all grown up. Whereas the first three two seasons revolved around the reignited rivalry between the two former All Valley Karate champions, the third season slowly paved the way for the two to team up against John Kreese and his Cobra Kai.

After showing more off Kreese with his old army buddy in Terry Silver in the official trailer for Season 4, Netflix is giving audiences a chance to recap Season 3.

The recap does a great job of prepping audiences on what to expect from Season 4. From Daniel and Johnny setting their differences aside to Miguel Diaz learning to walk again, as well as Johnny setting up Eagle Fang Karate, the recap makes it easier to keep up with the latest in Cobra Kai. Naturally, the recap ends just as Kreese proposes a winner-takes-all tournament between Cobra Kai and the united dojo of Johnny and Danny - whoever loses has to leave forever.

In other Cobra Kai news, one of the series' stars, Ralph Macchio, confirmed that Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith are not going to appear in Cobra Kai. Meanwhile, one of the series' co-creators warned fans about the spoilers that have begun popping up online. Finally, Season 5 has already wrapped up filming. Fingers crossed, fans won't have to wait for an entire year to see the next season of Cobra Kai on Netflix.

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