Check out the Cobra Kai merchandise ahead of Season 4's premiere

Sony Pictures just announced a boatload of Cobra Kai merchandise a little over a week before Season 4 arrives.

Cobra Kai has been one of Netflix's biggest shows after the streaming platform acquired it from YouTube Red years ago. As the spin-off to the seminal 1980s film franchise, The Karate Kid, Cobra Kai needs no introduction. This probably explains why Netflix doesn't market it as heavily as other shows - because it's no longer necessary. This might also be why the series is going all-in on its merchandising with an expansive lineup of goods based on the show.

Cobra Kai Merchandise Season Premiere
Sony is making a huge investment after seeing Cobra Kai's popularity on Netflix.

There's now a gift for every Cobra Kai fan out there

Cobra Kai Merchandise Season Premiere
Diverson3’s Cobra Kai: Card Fighter is a mobile game available for Android and iOS platforms.

The merchandise lineup is so diverse that it even extends to beverages. Sony and HERO Beverage Co. are working together to launch a specialty coffee brand featuring HERO (Help Everyone Remain Operational) and Cobra Kai. The aforementioned brand isn't available yet, but it's expected to arrive before the launch of Season 4.

The word "impressive" doesn't even begin to describe Cobra Kai's latest merchandise lineup. We're not just talking about shirts and hoodies here. There's everything from Halloween costumes (even though the holiday is far away) to comic books, Funko Pop figures, home goods, and pretty much anything else that comes to your mind.

Cobra Kai Merchandise Season Premiere
Who knows? Buying this Cobra Kai Funko Pop might end up being a worthy investment in a couple of decades.

Cobra Kai Season 4 is arguably the most anticipated season for the Karate Kid spin-off yet. As we've learned from the official trailer, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence are now working together to try and take the villainous Cobra Kai dojo out of the San Fernando Valley area. However, doing so is much easier said than done. John Kreese is back to lead a stronger team composed of Lawrence's son, Robby Keene, and with help from one of Daniel's former foes, Terry Silver.

Just recently, we found out that Season 5 of Cobra Kai has already finished filming. If we're lucky, Netflix might confirm an earlier release for the fifth season as soon as Cobra Kai Season 4 arrives on December 31.

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