CM Punk raises eyebrows and questions with WWE visit

According to several sources, Punk was asked to leave the venue by WWE security shortly after paying a visit.

CM Punk remains extremely popular with WWE fans despite leaving the promotion nearly a decade ago.

CM Punk hasn't been seen inside the squared circle for a while. But, this doesn't mean that the former WWE Champion isn't making headlines. Case in point, The Voice of the Voiceless is generating a ton of chatter after reportedly visiting his former home.

According to PW Insider, Punk was seen backstage visiting "several WWE talents" and even meeting with Triple H, who he infamously had a real-life feud with before he left the company in 2014.

Furthermore, the same sources suggest that Vince McMahon was the one who asked Punk to leave the arena. It's presumed that this is because CM Punk is still under contract with the AEW.

The timing of CM Punk's visit to the WWE is odd considering that he's set to come back to the AEW at the United Center in Chicago on June 17 as the star of a still-unnamed brand for the WWE rival.

CM Punk is big enough to star in his own brand with the AEW.

CM Punk commands respect. CM Punk was a defining star of the WWE for most of the early 2010s. He made a name for his straight-edge persona, in-ring skills, and captivating WWE audiences with his promos. Unfortunately, his WWE career came to an end in 2014 and he hasn't achieved the same success since. After a short hiatus from wrestling, Punk signed with the AEW in 2021 before a real-life altercation last year forced him out of action.

All Elite Wrestling will certainly welcome the return of Punk. The promotion has gained traction in the past few years as the AEW has established itself as a legitimate alternative to the WWE. Bringing a star like Punk back to pick up from where he'd left off last year is a surefire way to draw attention from wrestling fans, especially if AEW wants to steal some of the spotlight from the WWE. But, it's curious that the AEW hasn't promoted Punk's potential return.

Previously, AEW programming heavily teased Punk and his eventual debut with the promotion before it happened. For this time, AEW wants to keep its upcoming plans under a tight lid. The AEW may be trying something different as it hopes that a surprise reappearance by Punk will help generate buzz and excitement among its fans. It remains to be seen if this strategy will work or not.


CM Punk could help propel the AEW to greater heights in his return.

As the June 17 date for CM Punk's in-ring return approaches, fan anticipation will only continue to grow as wrestling fans everywhere look forward to seeing what Punk has planned for AEW.

In the meantime, wrestling fans can look forward to two big events next month. WWE Backlash, which will be headlined by Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar, is scheduled for May 6. After this, the Night of Champions will take place on May 27 when it will debut the returning WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt.

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