CM Punk wants match with Samoa Joe for AEW Return

CM Punk's anticipated AEW return may reignite old rivalries with Samoa Joe and Chris Jericho on the new 'AEW Collision' show."

Anticipation is at an all-time high as CM Punk is reportedly preparing for his return to All Elite Wrestling within the next few weeks. The best part is that CM Punk is gunning for an all-time feud with one of his most iconic rivals in his return.

AEW ratings have suffered with CM Punk on the sidelines.

According to the rumors within the industry, CM Punk wants to match up against an old rival from his Ring of Honor (ROH) days, Samoa Joe.

This news comes following a nearly-year-long hiatus from AEW that resulted from a backstage dispute with The Elite at last year's All Out event.

If this is true, this would mark the first time that CM Punk and Samoa Joe have squared off against each other since 2005, despite sharing the same roster last year.

Samoa Joe is widely considered one of the best wrestlers of his generation.

Joe has been absent from AEW programming since March when he lost the TNT Championship at Revolution. Instead, Joe has spent the last couple of months reigning as the ROH World Television Champion. Joe is one of the few wrestlers that holds a dominant record over Punk, so fans are intrigued to see if this will mark the first time that The Voice of the Voiceless will finally triumph over the Samoan Submission Machine.

Simultaneously, we've heard rumors that a potential match between Punk and one of his former adversaries, Chris Jericho, is also in the works.

The two reportedly had a productive meeting in Florida where each party showed a willingness to set aside their well-documented differences for a chance to work together inside the ring again.

Punk's return is rumored to coincide with the launch of AEW Collision, a new AEW show that will air every Saturday night. However, it's unclear if these proposed matches with either Joe or Jericho are a one-time thing or if they're the start of a longer feud.

A long-term CM Punk vs Chris Jericho feud would do well for the ratings of AEW.

As the wrestling world awaits Punk's return, one thing is for sure: a match between Punk and Samoa Joe would certainly be a spectacle worth waiting for, reigniting one of wrestling's most riveting rivalries.

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