Clues to Horizon 3 can be found in Horizon Forbidden West DLC

The dev dropped hints about the next installment in the recently released Burning Shores expansion.

Guerilla Games has been pretty vocal about developing a sequel to Horizon Forbidden West. The studio is so excited about the next installment that it added clues to the upcoming game in the Burning Shores DLC.

Clues to Aloy's next adventure are hidden in Burning Shores.

Guerilla Games developers have recently revealed that clues about the next title can be found in the new DLC for Horizon Forbidden West. In an interview with Video Game Chronicle, Horizon narrative director Ben McCaw said that hints relating to Aloy’s next adventure are hidden within the expansion.

When asked about the next chapter of the Horizon series, McCaw answered, "There is actually material in the Burning Shores about this. I mean, we really tried to drop some hints, particularly in the epilogue of the Burning Shores."

McCaw did not elaborate on the statement. Eagle-eyed gamers may have already found some of the clues to the upcoming sequel and come to their own conclusion about what Aloy’s next adventure will be all about.

The studio is excited for the next chapter according to its narrative director Ben McCaw.

"We're just so excited to embark on the next chapter and have the audience come along with us," McCaw shared during the interview. "It's going to be a lot of fun."

Fans have been expecting a third installment ever since Forbidden West was released. And given how successful Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West have been, it is no surprise that Guerilla Games is looking to continue the series.

The studio revealed in April that it is working on "expanding the world of Horizon with Aloy's next adventure and our exciting online project." Guerilla Games may be alluding to the Horizon MMO that has been rumored to be in development.

Early in May, in a blog detailing Guerilla Games’ 20-year history and success, studio director Jan-Bart van Beek shared that Forbidden West isn’t the adventure for Aloy. While this is not a confirmation that Horizon 3 is being developed, it does bode well for the future of the series.

"I'd like to share that we are so excited that Aloy's adventures will continue," van Beek said. "We can't wait for you to find out where she'll go next."

The studio has been very vocal about its desire to continue Aloy's journey.

Unfortunately, the series will have to continue on without Lance Reddick. After lending his voice to Sylens for the first two games, Reddick passed away at the age of 60 earlier this year.

"We’re really just sort of focused on absorbing this tragedy and sending out our thoughts to his family," McCaw stated. "We’ve not thought about it. It’s not really the time to think about it. We just miss him."

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is available exclusively on the PlayStation 5.

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