Which classic game mode is coming in Halo Infinite Season 4?

Season 4 of Halo Infinite brings plenty of exciting updates to the game as well as the return of the classic multiplayer mode.

The first Halo Infinite update following the departure of creative head, Joseph Staten, as part of the game's fourth season. In its most recent announcement, 343 Industries confirmed the Season 4 update will bring back a fan-favorite game mode when it arrives next month. Alongside this exciting addition, this update will also bring in a long-awaited classic multiplayer mode, which should offer a nostalgic experience for Halo enthusiasts.

It's clear that 343 Industries severely underestimated just how much resources live-service games need to thrive in this market.

The introduction of Infection mode marks a step forward for Halo Infinite although one might wonder if it's a little too late. The said mode first appeared in Halo 3 and has become one of the most well-loved modes in the series since. The premise is simple - a small group of infected players hunts those who are un-infected. Each victim that dies adds to the tally of the infected and the goal is for the un-infected to survive and run out the clock.

Even if it's late to the party, the addition of a new mode should bring more thrills and suspense to Halo Infinite.

If nothing else, the arrival of the mode nearly two years after the game's launch proves 343's commitment to continuously enhancing the Halo experience despite the dwindling player base.

By bringing back a classic multiplayer mode, the developers hope to strike a chord with long-time fans and offer them a nostalgic trip down memory line.

Halo Infinite's improvements might be all for naughty given how few players are still playing it these days.

Halo Infinite's Season 4 update, which arrives on June 20, not only brings in new game modes but also promises various improvements and optimizations. Players can expect enhanced graphics, performance tweaks, and bug fixes, all of which are aimed at delivering a smoother and more immersive gaming experience.

As Halo Infinite evolves, Season 4's introduction signifies the game's ongoing journey. The commitment of 343 to address player feedback, introduce exciting new content, and refine existing features help demonstrate their dedication to the creation of an appealing Halo experience.

Nearly two years after Halo Infinite became available to play, it's finally starting to feel like how a proper Halo game should.

Fingers crossed, a new Halo game is still part of the future of Xbox so 343 can redeem itself.

It remains to be seen if these additions are enough to bring players back to Halo Infinite, which, at the moment, has seen its player count fall to just 1,500 players, as per SteamDB.

Season 4 of Halo Infinite will arrive on June 20.

Halo's future is currently in question as Microsoft moves to acquire Activision Blizzard. While having too many big games is never a bad problem, many question if Halo will still receive the same priority going forward now that it and Call of Duty will belong under the same Microsoft Gaming umbrella.

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