Cities: Skylines 2 will not feature multiplayer

Cities: Skylines 2 will not feature multiplayer, but the single-player content will compensate for it, according to the devs.

Cities: Skylines, released in 2015, was one of the best city-building sims when it arrived and has only grown in popularity since. The sequel to the widely-loved sim, Cities: Skylines 2, is already in development and was recently announced by the developers during this year's Paradox Announcement Show.

Fans of the original title are already looking forward to the sequel, and the developers at Colossal Order have also shared some more information about the game in response to some of the Twitter questions asked by the fans.

As the sequel to a highly-popular and successful city-building sim, fans would only expect more features and improvements upon its predecessor. One such feature that many players expect from games nowadays is multiplayer so that they may enjoy the game with their friends. However, according to the Twitter post shared by Colossal Order, the developers do not plan to introduce multiplayer for now.

"Cities Skylines II is our most ambitious project to date, expanding on every mechanic in the franchise," says Colossal Order. The developers stated that adding multiplayer support takes an "incredible amount of time and resources" that would take away from the core player experience they are striving to deliver with the game.

And it is understandable, given that the original title already had a lot of complex city-building mechanics, and the sequel is expanding and improving upon those original mechanics. In addition, players could also expect some new features.

In another Twitter post, it is revealed that the game is still based on the Unity engine. But anyone looking to use mods or existing workshop content must rebuild the mods to adapt to the new game. The existing workshop content is incompatible by default. Colossal Order states, "Cities: Skyline II is an entirely new game. Existing workshop content would likely need to be remade or adapted."

It is worth noting that SimCity 2013 was also ranked among one of the best city-building titles but failed to thrive due to its consistent focus on a server-side progression system. These games generally tend to do well when you have the ability to play them at any time, even without internet access. This is what Cities: Skylines does best, and by the looks, the sequel seems to improve upon the existing features and more. Cities: Skylines has already taken the best features of SimCity 2013 and improved upon them.

Given how Colossal Order emphasizes the sequel being its most ambitious project, it won't be surprising to see Cities: Skylines 2 following the footsteps of its predecessor and releasing plenty of post-launch content to keep the players busy.

With that being said, while there are no plans for multiplayer at the moment, Colossal Order didn't deny the possibility of multiplayer. Who knows, they might actually deliver multiplayer later down the road once their current prospect of Cities: Skylines 2 is successfully met. If the development goes as planned, the game will be released later this year.

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