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Cinematic story trailer reveals the plague is back in A Plague Tale: Requiem

Amicia and Hugo De Rune face their worst nightmare, yet again.

Cinematic Story Trailer Reveals The Plague Is Back In A Plague Tale: Requiem

A Plague Tale: Requiem, the sequel to the highly acclaimed A Plague Tale: Innocence, is set up to release in less than a month, and Asobo Studio has just revealed a cinematic story trailer to give the excited fans a taste of what to expect narrative-wise.

The next installment of A Plague Tale reintroduces the players to the siblings, Amicia and Hugo De Rune, as they venture on another journey plagued with killer rats. The Asobo Studio also confirmed that the players could expect the campaign to last between 15-18 hours, which is much longer than the prequel's 10-hour long campaign.

The Studio has emphasized that the campaign runtime is longer to cater to the story narrative-wise. They unveiled a new cinematic trailer to support this claim while retaining the story spoilers. The trailer starts off with the return of Amicia and Hugo in a beautiful setting, seemingly without any "worries." The siblings seem to enjoy their newly found settlement in Provence, France.

However, the relief on the characters' faces quickly disappears as we see thousands of killer rats attacking the village, indicating the return of the deadly plague the siblings faced in the prequel, A Plague Tale: Innocence.

The viewers also get a glimpse of the gameplay aspects where Amicia is seen taking down enemies using stealth. We also get a quick peek at an expanded arsenal which now includes smoke bombs that can be used to extinguish torches. This may be used to attract the rats to a certain location where the enemies might be patrolling. So, instead of Amicia eliminating enemies, the rats will do the job for her.

Despite the long runtime of the campaign, the Asobo Studio has also assured the players that there is no "filler" content to fill the gaps in the game.

Every moment is worth every minute, which contributes to the main storyline.
Every moment is worth every minute, which contributes to the main storyline.

The original game was widely story-driven and primarily focused on the narrative aspects of the game. The game was also well-received due to the story. It'll be interesting to see how A Plague Tale: Requiem will top the prequel narrative and gameplay-wise.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is scheduled to release for PC, PS5, Switch, and Xbox Series X|S on October 18, 2022.

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