Christopher Walken joins Dune 2 as Emperor Shaddam IV

The movie's key villain will be played by a Hollywood legend.

Dune Part 2 isn't expected to start principal photography until July and filming not long after, but Warner Bros. Discovery is busy filling out the cast of the upcoming sequel to the award-winning 2021 adaptation of the novel of the same name.

Now might be a good time to start reading Frank Herbert's Dune novels.

Case in point, Dune Part 2 appears to have found its Emperor Shaddam IV.

According to multiple news outlets, Hollywood legend, Christopher Walken, will join the film's ensemble cast as its main villain, adding even more star power to the A-list lineup.

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For those who haven't read the source material, Emperor Shaddam IV plays a key role in the novels. The 81st Emperor of the galactic empire rules over House Corrino and the Known Universe. More importantly, Walken's presumed character in Dune Part 2 is the one pulling the political strings in the Known Universe, effectively causing the conflicts and everything else that's happening between the several powerful Houses.

Emperor Shaddan IV was notably absent from the first Dune film, which set a record for HBO Max. However, with Walken thrust into the role, fans can expect the introduction of Emperor Shaddam IV to have a significant impact in the sequel.

In the books and the first film, the combined might of Emperor Shaddam IV's House Corrino and House Harkonnen helped wipe out House Atreides, who he considers a huge threat to his plan to dominate the Known Universe. However, there are survivors, so Shaddam IV hasn't seen the last of House Atreides.

The first Dune was a visual, auditory, and narrative masterpiece. The sequel has a lot to live up to.

Speaking of Dune, the critical darling has spawned a new multimedia universe for Warner Bros. Discovery. After the success of the 2021 film, HBO Max is moving forward with at least one spin-off. If Dune Part 2 hits it big once it premieres in theaters on October 2023, there'd be no reason for HBO Max not to keep on ordering more big-budget movie sequels as well as spin-offs to help flesh out the Dune cinematic universe.

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