Chris Hemsworth reveals training regimen for Extraction sequel

The muscular and fit Chris Hemsworth just revealed how he's preparing for the sequel to Netflix's action film, Extraction.

Chris Hemsworth has the body of a god, literally and figuratively. For more than a decade, Hemsworth has starred in the MCU as the god of thunder, Thor. However, despite already having what many consider as the perfect physique, Hemsworth has been known to switch things up depending on what kind of movie he is preparing his body for and what it needs.

Chris Hemsworth is gearing up for his return as Tyler Rake in the sequel to Netflix's Extraction.

For example, the MCU star recently shared clips and details about his intense workout regimen as he prepares for the sequel to Netflix's 2020 action film, Extraction.

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Has the Extraction sequel already started filming?

As a former SASR soldier and mercenary, Tyler Rake isn't just a buffed up god like Thor is.

If you're looking for some tips on how to get fit and buff like Chris Hemsworth, there's no better source than the Australian hunk himself.

As Hemsworth prepares his body to do the sequel to Extraction, the actor explains that he's tried to limit his heavy weight lifting. Instead, he's put his efforts into doing more "bodyweight functional movements, concentrating on agility, strength, and speed." He even went online to post what he did and encouraged his fans to give his workout a try. Although we'd have to warn you, it's not necessarily for the faint of heart.

So far, the Instagram video has amassed thirteen million mission views (and counting), which suggests that a fair number of fans have attempted to give it a go.

Whenever it does release, Netflix's Extraction sequel will be met with heavy expectations.

The action thriller film Extraction followed Tyler Rake's quest to rescue the kidnapped son of an Indian crime lord in Bangladesh. This takes him into the heart of the enemy territory, where Hemsworth's character channels his inner John Wick and effectively becomes a one-man army.

The 2020 film received both praise and criticism. Although critics loved the performance and action sequences, detractors took issue with the film's excessive violence and portrayal of Bangladesh. Despite the backlash, the film went on to become the most-watched in Netflix's history, with an estimated 99 million households watching Extraction in its first four weeks of airing.

The filming for Extraction's sequel was scheduled to begin in September 2021, in Sydney, Australia. However, the country' has gone to lockdown since. Because of its strict measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, production had to move somewhere else. The filming will now take place in Prague, Czech Republic, for the next few months.

As for Hemsworth, he has a busy schedule ahead of him as he prepares to shoot multiple movies back-to-back. In addition to the Extraction sequel, Hemsworth will return to Australia later this year to start preproduction on Mad Max: The Wasteland. Meanwhile, Hemsworth's next MCU outing, Thor: Love and Thunder, is in post-production ahead of the film's May 2022 premiere. Finally, Hemsworth is also expected to star in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which will, once again, be directed by James Gunn.

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