Chris Hemsworth has already set his sights on Extraction 3

Extraction 2, which premieres on June 16, will be the actor's first movie to premiere after taking a hiatus from acting last year.

The highly anticipated sequel to Extraction is coming out in a few weeks. With the movie nearing its premiere, its lead actor Chris Hemsworth already has ideas for a third film.

Chris Hemsworth is hoping to make more Extraction movies.

Extraction 2 is coming out on June 16th and is promising to be bigger and more explosive than the original. Hemsworth is returning as Tyler Rake, a mercenary and extraction expert that was presumed dead in the first movie.

The actor recently spoke to Total Film Magazine about the upcoming film. Hemsworth shared his excitement about doing movies outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe while expressing his desire to do a third film. 

"I love it," Hemsworth said during the interview. "I love playing the character. I love this world. I love having something else outside of Marvel that’s amassed a bit of a following, something more in the real world. I honestly feel like we made a better film than the first one. That’s rare in the franchise world. We’d be remiss not to have a crack at another one."

Hemsworth has expressed enjoyment in making movies outside of Marvel.

Hemsworth is not the only one eyeing a trilogy. Screenwriter Joe Russo has previously said that the second film "could open up the world of Extraction." Russo also commended director Sam Hargrave for the work he has done to top the first movie.

Hargrave is also keen on growing the franchise beyond the first two movies. Hemsworth has a character he can continue to play for many more years similar to other action franchises.

"There is so much room for this franchise to expand and places where it can go," Hargrave said. "I’m excited about what that next adventure for Tyler Rake could be. We’ll see how this one does. We’ll see how people feel and respond."

He adds, "And if the world is craving another Tyler Rake adventure, I think it’d be something I’d be interested in seeing put up on screen. I have an idea, but I won’t give it away here…"

Director Sam Hargrave is also eyeing more films for the franchise.

Golshifteh Farahani and Adam Bessa are also coming back for the sequel alongside Hemsworth. The cast also includes Olga Kurylenko, Tinatin Dalakishvili, Andro Jafaridze, Miriam and Marta Kovziashvili, and Daniel Bernhardt.

Extraction 2 is based on the graphic novel Ciudad by Ande Parks, Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Fernando León González, and Eric Skillman. The Russo Brothers, Hemsworth, and Hargrave will serve as producers along with Patrick Newall and Mike Larocca.

Extraction 2 will be premiering globally on Netflix on June 16.

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